Cafe Roshe: Brewing in Cadiz


Millions of people depend on coffee for their daily morning boost. Though there were several negative news  about the effects of Coffee on health in the past, people are still habitually consuming it mainly because of its stimulating effect that helps increase alertness. Also, recently  some literature show that coffee is not that bad at all. In fact, there are claims  that coffee are beneficial for some conditions like Asthma.

Well ,I don’t know  exactly the  effects of coffee both positive and negative to us, but maybe its  safe to say that anything in excess is bad. In my case, I take coffee to wake me up and since I don’t drink alcoholic beverages, I would opt to stay in Restos and Cafes whenever some friends would want to chill out…I just remember my  mother who was a coffee drinker as well, I can still recall the sweet smell of coffee each time she made   her own “kapeng barako”  out of the native coffee beans.

In our recent visit to Cadiz, we’d noticed a nicely structured  coffee shop — CAFÉ ROSHE. We opted to drop by to take some ice cold coffee  before going home. Its quite amazing to note that Cadiz has her version of  Bacolod’s Felicias and Bascon Café or Café Bob’s. The interior was nice, they have a free wifi , the price was relatively cheap  and most importantly the staff were very nice.  Indeed , Café Roshe and our interaction with her staff  gave us a nice moment which we called- HAPPY  TRIP!

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