Negros Occidental: The Dinosaur has awaken

Sanparq Tower2

Negros Occidental: The Dinosaur has awaken

The glory days are here again. Who would have thought Bacolod can compete well along with other BIG cities when it comes to infrastructures and developments? Now, The City of Smiles keep on blooming. Constructions are everywhere. Even the city of Talisay is Catching up. Silay City is where the new Airport is located and soon will have its ECO ZONE. Sipalay is becoming a first class getaway with its fine beaches and underwater experience. Don Salvador is making its name as the Summer Capital of Negros and San Carlos as the hub of BIO ETHANOL Plants. These are some of the developments Negrenses can be proud of. Suagr industry is also on the rise. We can all say that Negros is back!!! were not just sugar, were more than that. Here are some developments within Bacolod and Talisay. I still have to take photos of other towns if i have the chance to travel north and south. Thats our task here in happy trip. We bring you closer to home.

These are some of the developments around Negros. More will be featured soon as we get the chance to travel from one town to another. We are blessed to be in the island where catastrophe and crime rate is minimal. Thats what development is all about. Negros Occidental is not just sweet, its delicious.

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  1. thanks for all the comments guys…please continue visiting the blog… we’ll feature more soon

  2. It’s great to know that my birthplace is booming again in technology, industry & infracstructures. Wow, what a blast! It’s again my pride to be a Negrense. Now we’re all geared towards the tomorrow & the future of our children’s children, the hope of the world! Ciao!

  3. the flyover is what really shows of Bacolod’s progress.another one will soon be built just after the completion of the first one located in Lacson- Bata Circumferential Road.

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