The Bugnay (Bignay) Tree at Chicken Haus and My NSA Batch 16 REUNION

The Bugnay (Bignay) Tree at Chicken Haus and My NSA Batch 16 REUNION

It was around 8 in the evening and we went to Chicken House , Araneta for a quick  dinner. Chicken Haus  is just few steps away from my house .

While I knew the Bugnay tree or bignay  in Chicken House is  is already bearing fruit , I never thought of stopping and took photos of this very beautiful tree. The bignay fruit tree, or  bugnay  for the Ilonggos    is a common site in towns and barrios in the Philippines.  Bignay fruits are tiny berries that grow in large clusters on an attractive evergreen tree. Because the berries ripen at different times they usually vary in shades of color from reds and yellows to purples and greens. Bignay fruit is sweet when fully ripened, although it can very acidic and tart when unripe, similar to cranberries.For those who’d never encountered bugnay since birth—I’m sure you now can imagine why I have to take time taking its photo. The light coming from the post  wasn’t  enough so it took us a while to get the photo we wanted to get. While getting a couple of shots I noticed a familiar looking group dining in the outer part  of Chicken House looking at us. In fact  one of them (Angelo Gabriel  Alano ) seemingly smiled at me but looked that he was adamant to greet me. Huh, the feeling is mutual. Being a teacher and being in the training and consultancy  profession, I normally meet a lot of people and most of them I can only recognize the  face but the name….hmmm…..I have to check the facebook  first. Perhaps I should change the brand of pills that I am using…hahaha.

Reunion with NSA Bacolod 16th Batch at Chicken Haus -Araneta

Though I know very well  that I knew this group,I can’t just wave my hands and say ,Hi! Do I know you?—That would be ridiculous! I was reminded of a friend who is a college Dean. Being a Dean it is given that everyone in school knew you but you  can’t recognized all of them. To be safe, this friend of mine would always smile to anyone who would stare at her.Her assumption was, — these people were students from her school. One day, at the entrance of a grocery, the security guard greeted her very sweetly: “Hi ,ma’am good morning.” At the age of 55 she has to pretend that her memory was sharp. So she replied enthusiastically, “O, good morning! You look great, its seemed that you gain weight.” The guard just smiled and said, “Let me help you with your plastic bag…”. The dean continued, “ O my, I’m so proud seeing my former students in action… so courteous,well mannered…exactly my vision for____________(mentioning the name of her school) … what  course did you finished  again? Please do visit our school once in while….your teachers would be very happy to see you.” The guard looked confused and said….” I didn’t  finish college  ma’am”-toink! Anyway,  for the record I am not yet 55 years old!!!(with 3 exclamation point , huh!) We continued taking pictures of bugnay and finally after a few second, I heard a chorus greeting, “Sirrrr!” Now I remember, these are the NORWEGIAN SHIP OWNERS ASSOCIATION (NSA) Cadets of John B. Lacson-Bacolod who were my trainees before. But they continue with their spiel as if I am too old to remember, “ we are the 16th Batch NSA!” . Of course I have to pretend, I have sharp memory too, “Of course! Were friends in facebook!”  I was very happy for the courtesy of these cadets. I just taught them for 3 to 4 days on special courses like Values, Stress Management ,Teambuilding, etc. and that was 3 years ago…. but they were still very warmth to me…that was indeed  a very nice reunion. I thought, I would only be writing again about the lechon  manok, the atay and the garlic rice   of the Chicken House , but the twist in my meeting of the NSA Cadets truly made that day a HAPPY TRIP.


NSA Cadet Project is managed by the: Norwegian Training Center-Manila NTC-M Building, NMYC/TESDA Complex, East Service Road, Taguig,, Manila, Philippines phone: (632) 812-07-42 web:

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