Buenos Aires Orginal Kiddie  Pool

Buenos Aires Orginal Kiddie PooL

For many of us   who grew up in Brgy. Ma-ao, Buenos Aires Mountain Resort would always be part of our memories.

Despite the great improvement made in Buenos Aires, the place still  brings back nostalgic memories.  One of my most memorable experience I had with the resort was during our high shool retreat held in the resort. Buenos Aires was then under the private management. The landscape was different…more trees … cottages were still sorounding the main pool.

The original pools of Buenos Aires

When my parents were still alive I would normally go home almost every weekend and would not miss an afternoon swimming at Beunos Aires Mountain Resort.  I still recall , I would bring my small nephews with me , then they  would opt just to play at the cottages while I was swimming and after a while an ice cream vendor would collect from me the ice cream my nephews had consumed.

I have also conducted a couple of trainings in the resort and countless corporate outing activities.

Today, each time we get together in Ma-ao as a family for christmas , new year or any other occasion, we would always think of visiting the resort we grew up with.

Buenos Aires is indeed home to many Bagonhon.

The beautiful landscape of Buenos Aires. The concrete part is still part of the original landscape which was done by a Japanese who was later found out to be an officer of the Japanese Imperial Army

About the Resort:

Buenos Aires Mountain Resort comprises 18.9950 hectare portion of property that was previously nothing but mere jungles. Don Jorge Araneta the son of General Juan A. Araneta, its owner named the place Buenos Aires, after one of the places he visited abroad.
The stature of the Buenos Aires Mountain Resort as a premier family resort in the 1930′s maybe gauged from the number of well known personalities of the era that visited the place, the likes of Honorable Rafael Alunan.Sr., then one of the Cabinet Secretaries of the Commonwealth Administration, the Former Governor Valeriano Gatuslao, former representatives Carlos Hilado and Aguedo Gonzaga, Former Senator Ramon Torres and, the President of the Philippine Commonwealth His Excellency Manuel L. Quezon. He stayed at the resort while hiding from the Japanese Imperial Forces who were then after his capture. President Quezon even stayed for few days after escaping from the tunnels of Corregidor during WWII, before he fled to Australia.

The concrete stairway leading to the hotel is very much part of the original landscaping

It maybe interesting to note that the original landscaping was done by a Japanese who was later found out to be an officer of the Japanese Imperial Army. During the last days of the war it was closed down by the family, and unfortunately, neglect and apparent lack of maintenance brought the natural demise of the resort.
Today, the resort is one of the tourist destinations in Negros. The influx of both domestic and foreign tourists, the employment that it generates, the income opportunities that it provides to the community are testimonials of its success.
Buenos Aires Mountain Resort is accredited with the Department of Tourism as “AA” standard tourist establishment.

The Buenos Aires Hotel

The Family Cottage

The Hillside Cottage

The resort have hotel rooms, cottages, pavillons, brgy. booths, shed houses, function rooms, food and beverages outlet and of course the most famous, the swimming pools to offer to its guests.

Family Cottages ( Non Aircon )101 -Php 1,500 (4-6 pax)
Family Cotaages (air con) 102 to 104 – PhP 3,500 (7-15 pax)

Non-Aircon – PhP 800 (4-6 pax)
Air con – Php 1,200 (4-6 pax)

Non- Aircon – PhP 200/pax ( 11 pax/room)
Aircon PhP -1,500/room (5 pax)

PhP 2,000/ROOM (4-8 PAX)

RESORT ENTRANCE FEES: PhP 50/pax adult; PhP 30pax children (12 yrs and below)

Buenos Aires has function rooms ideal for trainings, meetings and even for any party. I have conducted a series of trainings in this very room.

How to Get There:

Buenos Aires Mountain Resort is located at Brgy. Ilijan, Bago City, just a 45 to an Hour  minutes travel time from Bacolod City and very accessible to both private and public transportation.
Bacolod City (Libertad) to Brgy. Ma-ao – Php 30.00
Brgy Ma-ao -Buenos Aires (Tricyle)- Php20.00
Address: Brgy. Ilijan, Bago City, Negros Occidental, Philippines
Phone: +63 34 461-0540; +63 34 461-0164


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  2. Thank you Jo for giving us info about beautiful places to visit in Bacolod City/Negros Occidental. This makes me long to go back to Bacolod when I have some free time and visit some of the places featured in this site. Instead of Boracay or Palawan, this gives me another reason to go back to my own city/ province for my vacation next time. I really admire what you're doing to promote Bacolod and Negros Occidental as another destination for weary travelers longing for some peace and quiet in a beautiful, natural setting without leaving a hole in the pocket. Keep it up!

  3. Eunice Padilla Quinn

    Thank you, this brought back childhood memories of growing up in Ma-ao.

  4. Jojo thank you so so much for placing Buenos Aires in your blog. This is one of the beautiful places that was so much a part of our childhood. I like your blogsite.

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