Bus (Airport to Tsim Sha Tsui)- HK$ 33

We left Cebu for Hongkong at 7:45 am from Cebu International Airport and arrived Hongkong at 10-35 am. Upon arrival, we check their tourism counter and got all the maps we need. You can also ask the personnel in charge at the airport for the suggestion and how to get to a place you wanted to go.

After getting our maps, I bought an octopus card for the four of us.(Just ask anyone at the airport where to buy the Octopus Card) The initial load for the Octopus card is HK$ 100 plus the deposit of 50.There is a deposit of HK$ 50 for each card which will be returned to you upon surrender of the card but there is a service fee of 9/ card.


The Octopus card is a rechargeable value smart card used to transfer electronic payments in online or offline systems in Hong Kong. The card was launched last  September 1997 to collect fares for the territory’s mass transit system, it is nice to note that the Octopus card system was the first contactless smart card system in the world and has since grown into a widely used payment system for virtually all public transport in Hong Kong.

While in  Hongkong, you can either pay for your transport in cash or through the octopus card. If you pay in cash you must pay in exact amount as drivers won’t give you the change. This is where Octopus card becomes advantageous simply because only the exact amount will be deducted from your card each time you ride a bus or MTR and even the Star ferry. The bus is cheaper compared to the Train, but the train is easier to ride because once you’re inside the subway/station it will be easy for you to find direction. Inside the subways stations – map/signages are found everywhere. First-time travelers must be very careful as to the number of gates and car to ride to arrive at the right destinations.


As soon as we get our card we immediately look for the bus station outside the airport( there is a visible sign, but you can always ask ) and ride Bus N21 going to Tsim Sha Tsui. It took us almost an hour to reach Tsim Sha Tsui.Tsim Sha Tsui is the last station of the bus, so you won’t be lost.

As we get out of the bus, we immediately proceeded to our hotel. I booked at Canadian Hostel, Chungking Mansions. Hotel rates are normally high because of the anticipation of the  Chinese New Year. The room that we got was very small and it cost us 800/day.

Within the Chungking Mansion are many choices of hotels to choice from. It would be best though to really make your reservations ahead. Within Chungking Mansions, you can also find China VISA fixers at the rate of HK$ 350 (if you plan to visit the Mainland China).

Please take note that the Chungking Mansion is not really a spectacular place to stay. For budget travelers who won’t be staying long at the hotel, this place is just perfect for you. Besides, this place is near to many important destinations, like Subway Stations, Terminal to Macau, Avenue of the Stars, etc.

That was past 12nn when we settled in our hostel, we were very hungry, situated near, so we look for a place to eat. At the ground floor of the Chungking Mansions are many eateries, most of which however are Indian eateries. If you don’t like Indian food, Seven Eleven Stores are found almost everywhere.



1. Airport Bus:

The most popular and one of the practical method to get to Chungking Mansions is the Airport Bus.

The Airport Bus Station is found near Hall B on the Arrivals Level (Level 5) of the  Airport. Find the bus stand for A21 Airport Hong Kong KCR Station Route. You will see a map of the terminal. Airport Bus departures are at approximately every 10-15 minutes. The fare is estimated at  HK$33 per person.

While on the bus, be sure to first secure your luggage before finding a seat on the lower level. In 40 -90 minutes (varies with traffic) you will reach the Bus Stop No.14 – Middle Road, Nathan Road. (1st being the airport).

Because the service time of A21 is 05:00-23:59, you can use N21 airport bus at the same location if your arrival in Hong Hong is after 00:00.

The moment you get off the bus, you need to walk to your left approximately about 50 meters, It takes just a few moments of walking. You will see the Chung King Mansions front entrance on your right-hand side. The mark would be the huge  TV screen on the wall of Chungking Mansions. When you are inside the  Chung King Mansions, walk into the BLOCK E . You can see two lifts, take the right-hand side one,(stops at odd numbers floor), push the 7th-floor button, when you are out, turn right and you can see the reception.

 2. Taxi:

 From the airport, you can get to the Chung King Mansions direct. It is the quickest and the most reliable method and would only take about 30-45 minutes. But it’s quite expensive as you will be paying about HK$280-300 for the trip. Most taxi drivers in Hong Kong know some English. In cases of communications difficulty, just show the text: Chungking Mansions, Tsim Tsa Tsui.

There is no airport taxi, only regular taxis. Make sure to catch the red colored one, because other colors do not go to the Kowloon area. Once you get off the Taxi, just find the large  TV screen on the wall, that is the Chungking Mansions. It should be within your sight when you get off the Taxi. When inside the  Chung King Mansions, walk into the BLOCK E. You can see two lifts, take the right-hand side one,(stops at odd numbers floor), push the 7th-floor button, when you are out, turn right you can see the reception immediately.


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