Chiang Mai, Thailand Part 9: What to Buy

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai, Thailand Part 9: What to Buy

Shopping  in Chiang Mai is one of the best thing to do in Thailand. I almost get crazy walking around in Sunday Market seeing handcrafted products at an amazingly cheap price. Most Thai handicrafts are made in the Chiang Mai area, so not only is everything available there but it’s also usually cheaper than in other places in Bangkok.

Here are some of the things which you might consider buying when visiting Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Curved Soaps

One of most fascinating thing I have discovered in Chiang Mai, are the hand carved soaps which looked like silk flowers. These artworks are incased in a  rounded wooden container and are sold from 70 to 120 bhat/pc.

 Chiang Mai, Thailand

Wood Carvings

I almost got excess baggage due to the wood carving I’ve from Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai is famous for wood carvings. You can visit the wood carving factories and see first-hand how they are made (they really are beautiful!), then purchase small or large wood carvings in the factory showroom. Again, wood carvings are available at the Night Bazaar, as well as in many small shops throughout Chiang Mai. Small pieces go for as low as $5 and large, intricately carved pieces for several hundred. If you like hand carved wood, make sure you also check out the wood furniture. It’s absolutely gorgeous and very reasonably priced for the quality of the workmanship.

Chiang Mai, Thailand


Thai Silk

Thailand is famous for its   silk , one  of the best silk in the world. It’s especially great to buy in Chiang Mai though because there are so many silk factories just outside the town. We were privileged to have been given a tour at the silk factory and then visit their  factory showroom. Chiang Mai’s Night Bazaar is also a wonderful place to buy Thai silk and at  the Sunday night Walking Street Market. Thai silk scarves start at $2.50 and go up to several hundred dollars depending on design, size and quality. Silk shirts are as low as $5 for lower quality silk and as high as a few hundred for very high quality.

Chiang Mai, Thailand


As of this writing I still regret that I was not able to bring at least one of these fascinating art piece. These hand made bed cover can be best use as wall decor or an accent piece to your living room.


Handmade Traditional Thai Clothing

Much of the traditional Thai clothing is made in Chiang Mai from linen, silk, cotton and hemp. One thing I didn’t leave Chiang Mai without is the fisherman’s pants which are very cheap in Chiang Mai and come in lots of different colors. Traditional Thai hemp shirts are also everywhere, as well as linen baggy pants, long silk skirts and linen jackets with beautiful embroidery. You can buy fisherman pants as cheap as 100 baht ($2.80), and linen shirts for as low as 250 baht ($7). Don’t forget, you can also get traditional Thai clothing made to measure at any of the hundreds of Chiang Mai tailors.

 Chiang Mai, Thailand

Thai Snacks

Chiang Mai is famous for many Thai snacks and Thais come from miles around to buy them. On every market, you’ll see bags of dried sweetened cherries and plums, dried mango, papaya, and coconut. Spicy sausage is also everywhere and Thais come up from Bangkok to buy it. Chiang Mai is also famous for pork rinds, with huge bags of the stuff available everywhere. Your best bet is to buy it at any of the markets as it’s fresh and will be bagged as you purchase it. You can buy bags of dried plums(about half a pound) for as low as 35 baht ($1) and can choose from sweetened or unsweetened (quite sour, but delicious). On my recent visit to Chiang Mai, I brought back bags of dried unsweetened cherries, dried dates, and two huge bags of pork rinds. They were all scrumptious and nothing cost me more than $1.

Thai Spices  

Thai food I always spicy. It would be a great idea to bring home some of these.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

 Wooden Trays and Vases

These wooden trays are sold only from 100-200 Bhat/pc. They aren’t heavy as you think.

Ethnic Accessories

These Thai blings could be best “pasalubongs” for loved ones. They can also be used as lamp accessory or a door decor.


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