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Punta Taytay is one of the Barangays of Bacolod City.  Beaches, oyster shell and  fresh sea food  is what Punta Taytay is known for. I just remember when we were still in college, that we would go to this place just to eat lunch and just chill out. It’s just  quite disappointing that beaches in this place  is neglected  by the public that the waves of the sea bring garbage to the shore making it dirty.

Today, Punta Taytay   revived the disappearing ecosystems of the city through the reforestation of the mangroves in their shoreline. This effort started to attract local tourist to visit the place.

The barangay also put up eateries made of native materials in the coastal areas serving as a viewing deck of the place. The food are not really that impressive, but you can just order for grilled sea food or even pork chop. The eateries are really not that strict when it comes to bringing of food. However, In order for us to support this community so that in return they will take care of the place, we have to patronize their businesses each time we visit the place.

The beautiful sunset is one of the reason why I went to see the place. It was quite cloudy at the time we visited , none the less I was still able to get these pictures.

Another common scene in the shorelines of Punta Taytay are  fisherfolks doing their usual activities –excellent photo subjects. I will surely come back next time–maybe earlier so that I can capture more pictures.



Punta Taytay is located  in the southern part of the city and is  just a a few minutes drive away. If taking a public utility vehicle, one can take a jeepney from SM City Mall or Gaisano City Mall. The jeepneys has “Punta Taytay” signage. it is easy to go back to the city as well.


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