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Bacolodnons do love to eat. They love good food at a good price of course. But  with trend  today where everyone seemed busy, many doesn’t have the time to cook anymore. This is evident in most restos in Bacolod. Recently, a lot of restos has just opened all over Bacolod City.  From the very affordable to the  high end or fine dining restaurants, Bacolod  will have something to offer.  I guess this is a good indicator for Bacolodnon’s passion  for good food.

Well, it’s quite difficult to find good food that are priced low today, if you noticed ,even in some popular fast food restos for example,  most of their combo meals ranges from PhP 100 – up. There are also eateries who offers low priced food but the quality and tastes are equally “low ” too. One place which offers good food at a low price is Quan. Aside from the  native delicacies which Quan is already famous for, they also serving meals at a very low price.  Let’s take a look at their ‘EASY MEALS”:



ropa vieja

ROPA VIEJA  served with fried rice and vegetable sidings for only PhP 79.00

chicken adobo

CHICKEN ADOBO served with rice and vegetable sidings for only PhP 79


TENDER LOIN served with rice and vegetables  sidings  for only PhP 90

pork chop

PORK CHOP served with rice and vegetable siding for only PhP 75

baby backribs


BABY BACK RIBS served with rice and vegetables siding for only  PhP 79

These Quan Easy Meals are perfect  for company meetings, seminars,etc. These are also perfect for budget conscious, students and office people. Visit Quan La Salle, Quan North drive and quan Lopue’s East to try these delicious Easy Meals of Quan.



*MC Metroplex, Northdrive – Tel. (034)4339987 or 7090677
*La Salle Avenue – Tel. (034)4346379 or 7085055
*Lopues Araneta – Tel. (034)4356559
*Gaisano Araneta – Tel. (034) 7078440
*Lopues East – Tel. (034) 7089095
*Robinsons Supermarket – Tel. (034)4761518

1797 Dian St. Palanan, Makati – Tel. (02)8335843

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