Masskara Queen 2012: Fantasy Costume Competition






Fantasy Costume

Kaye Dumancas

Masskara Queen 2012: Fantasy Costume

Fantasy Costume is a unique pre-pageant event of Masskara Queen where candidates were transformed into something different. This year’s Fantasy Costume Competition was held at the Robinsons Place Bacolod fountain area. The show started at around 4pm and we were there 15 minutes ahead of schedule. Me and my buddy, Edward Uy went inside the event area and took some shots of the materials that will be used during the competition. Ten Candidates for the Masskara Queen 2012 were presented to the crowd without makeup and went directly to their respective places. Each candidate underwent a major transformation, all were artistically transformed into mythical creatures. Each candidate was given 1 hour and 30 minutes to finish.

Fantasy Costume Competition is getting tougher and tougher each year. It shows how creative Negrenses are in doing this stuff. Some use prosthetic make-up, others used spray paints, and some used indigenous materials such as newspaper and feathers. After an hour and a half, candidates were sent to the backstage to wear their costume and they were again called one by one to surprise everyone with their breath taking the costume and makeup. Judges of this event were Raymund Jimenez a life-size toy collector and photographer, Ms. Liz Uy, Celebrity fashion Stylist and Miss Christine Tomas, Marketing Manager of Robinsons Place Bacolod.

The MQ 2012 is a production of ABS-CBN Bacolod in partnership with the Silver MassKara Festival Organization, Inc. It is in its 6th staging now under the mantle of the local Kapamilya station*

Note: The special events related to the search for Masskara Queen is an opportunity to provide local artists to showcase their talents. Each year , more designers and artists in the city are given the opportunity to be known through the Masskara Queen special events. Congratulations to ABS-CBN for this endeavor.

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  1. Very good pictures, full of life and bursting with colors and depths! I enjoy reading the article as well as looking at pictures.

    – Noel Trinidad
    Vancouver, Canada
    01 February 2013

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