Any Baguio Trip will never be complete without visiting Mines View Park. Mines View is a  ridge located at the extreme northeast side of the city, past The Mansion and Wright Park, Mines View Park offers   a spectacular view of Benguet‘s gold and copper mines and the Cordillera mountains.

The main attractions in Mines View Park nowadays would be the commercial activities such as the souvenir shops and food  stalls by the park.  The souvenir items were still the same…. knitted wears, t-shirts, peanut brittle, strawberry jam, wood crafts of course, etc.

In  our latest visit we went  down stone steps to the ridge to a look to the distance to the Cordillera Mountain Range for a photo op, of course, the “gazebo” is a little run down but is a still much-photographed structure for its unique shape. It was quite foggy on our last visit because it was raining.

The souvenirs stalls were getting many as compared to my last visit few years back, they were  extending to the sides of Gilbraltar Road Outlook Drive and many are located closer to the ridge itself.

One of the charming residents  of Mines View Park is a popular and friendly Saint Bernard named “Douglas” who is available, for about Php20.00, for picture-taking with tourists. The horses of course with dyed hair on its manes and tails. Just be ready because you have to pay PhP 10 for every shot.

How to Get There

Since we went to Baguio as a family recently, we just hired a vehicle to bring us around for two days.

By private transportation: From Session Road, climb up and turn to  Leonard Wood Road, past Teachers Camp and Botanical Garden, past the Pacdal Rotunda, and go straight up C. P. Romulo Drive past Wright Park Riding Circle and  The Mansion.

By Public Transportation: Public jeepneys are also available using the Plaza-Mines View line. You may also hire one of our many taxis cabs to take you there, and contract the driver by the hour or for the day. If your group is large, it may be better to hire a jeepney instead.



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