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One of the best thing I love most about Davao is there food. They have lots of good restaurants and the prices are not bad as always.

Nanay Bebeng a buffet restaurant is one of the dining experience I will always remember with my recent visit in Davao.  Upon entering the restaurant, we were led to our table by the waiter and we immediately started taking food from the buffet table. The place was quite packed but there are still enough space for us at that time.

I love their grilled tuna,  but their kare-kare (pork knuckles, tripe) is my ultimate favorite. I have indulged with their  fresh fruits.

Not bad. For the price of 300 you can have a filling meal. I love the chicharon bulaklak  but I just bit a small piece. The dishes were cooked well and tasted good.

Onother good feature of the retaurant is its ambiance. From the outside, the restaurant is beautifully covered by a rich, green foliage of somewhat overlapping variety of ornamental plants, palm trees, and bamboo. The facade is quite similar to big roadside houses in the countryside. The interior is spacious and very homey; mostly made of coconut, bamboo, sawali, abaca, and nipa. What truly amazed me were the   chandeliers made of capiz shells.

Nanay bebeng has a long history of delivering mouth-watering and belly-filling buffet style meal  to its guests.

So the next time you are in Davao City, don’t forget to drop by Nanay Bebeng Restaurant. Be sure to get there on time too. Lunch buffet stops at 2PM and dinner buffet starts at around 6PM.

*Lunch buffet is around P300, while the dinner buffet is less than P400.


The Restaurant is located in an area filled with restaurants on both sides of the road along A. Mabini Street close to the corner of Florentino Torres Street in downtown, Davao City. It is easily accessible by public or private transportation.


Nanay Bebeng Restaurant
A. Mabini Street, Marfori Heights, 8000 Davao City

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  1. We went in davao after holyweek with family and friends, its trip gift to my son graduated in coll. We stay there for 4 days..nanay bebeng is included on our itenerary, since it was a buffet sakto sa mga friend nyang malalakas kumain. He he he. Would you mind to recommend other place to go? Thank you..

  2. The best thing that happened in Davao City is the Nanay Bebeng Restaurant!

  3. As expected, Nanay Bebeng’s food is delicious, memorable, and just plain excellent. I had a great time at Davao when my hubby asked me a dinner on that resto. I agree that each food item had stuffed in my mouth.

    I had managed to get their landline. Feel free to call them for any of your reservations
    (082) 222-3201

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