I am a Bagonhon but I never witnessed any Babaylan Festival. So, since we were on our way to Bacolod we’ve decided to pass by Bago City to witness at least a portion of the festival.

The dance parade is not scheduled on that day so we went to Bantayan Park to see the Agro Fair.  The Bantayan Park is fast becoming a popular place in the province of Negros. This is where Bago would always put any exhibit during festivities, even the “Lights of Bago Festival is also held here. Some national event like national games on rowing has been held in this place. Indeed the park is very promising spot  to help  boast Bago City.

What we enjoyed the most was the Garden Show. In fact, I brought a couple of pots of ornamental plants from the show.

After spending almost an hour  at the Garden Show, we’ve decided to see various booths  of the different Barangays which showcased their products. I was a bit sad seeing the exhibits. I saw the same thing since I was a kid: Bananas, singkamas, achara, etc. How I wish I will be seeing products that have “leveled up” through the years. How I wish the city would also invest in product development and think about “sustainability”, improved packaging, marketing, etc.

In fairness, there are many improvements that we can see now around the city.  But being a Bagonhon myself, I know that this City can do more…

Schedule Of Activities

    • FEB 14
    • 8:00 AM         MYTMCCC
    • Booksider Garden Academy
    • Foundation Day
    • 4:00 PM        Bantayan Park
    • Opening Ceremony
    • Argo Industrial Cultural & Educational Fair
    • 8:00 PM    Bantayan Park
    • ABS-CBN Barangay Kapamilya With Bryan Termulo
    • 10:00 PM Bantayan Park
    • Party @ the Park
    • Fireworks Display
    • FEB 15 (Whole Day)    MYTMCCC
    • City Government Employee’s Day  Featuring: Chokoleit & Kitkat
    • 8:00 AM   MYTMCCC
    • SK Night
    • 8:00 PM Bantayan Park
    • First Inter-School Hip Hop Dance Showdown With Choikoleit & Kitkat
    • 10:00 PM  Bantayan Park
    • Party @ the Park
    • FEB 16
    • Whole Day
    • Harvest of Excellence
    • 10:00 PM  Bantayan Park
    • Paindis -Indis sa pinakanamit nga linuto himo sa bugas
    • Bantayan Park Cockpit  – 1 Cock Timbangan Derby
    • 6:00 PM   Bantayan Park
    • Mr. Most Muscular 2013
    • 8:00 PM MYTMCCC
    • An Evening with the Prince of Pop
    • ERIK SANTOS Live in Concert !!! A post Valentine Concert with Special Guest! KARYLLE
    • 8:00 PM Bantayan Park
    • Party @ the Park

    • FEB 17
    • 9:00 AM Bantayan Park
    • Judging of Best Product Search
    • 1:00 PM Festival Street MYTMCCC
    • Babaylan Festival
    • Street Dance / Arena Competition
    • Coronation of Diwata sang Bago
    • 8: PM Bantayan Park
    • Party @ the Park
    • 8:00 PM  Festival Street
    • Street Party
    • FEB 18
    • 11:00 AM MYTMCCC
    • Gawad Bagonhon Awarding Ceremony
    • 1:00 PM Manuel Y. Torres Sport Center
    • RTNHS Playground Demonstration
    • 3:00 PM Bantayan Park
    • Dog Walk and Exhibition
    • 8:00 PM Bantayan Park
    • GMA KAPUSO FIESTA With Mark Herras, Kris Bernal & La Diva
    • 8:00 PM Festival Street
    • Party @ the Park
    • Street Party

    •  FEB 19
    • 5:00 AM City Street
    • DIANA
    • 6:00 AM St. John the Baptist Parish Church
    • Thanks Giving Mass
    •  Farmers Day
    • 1:00 PM City Streets
    • 47th Charter Anniversary Parade
    • 1:00 PM Bantayan Park
    • Cockpit Arena- One (1) Cock Timbangan Derby
    • 4:00 PM Bantayan Park
    • Awarding Ceremony
    • 8:00 PM  Bantayan Park
    • Party @ the Park
    • 8:00 PM Festival Street
    • Street Party
    • Grand Fireworks Display



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