Chiang Mai, Thailand Travel Part 11: Walking Street Market (Updated 2016)

Chiang Mai, Thailand , Walking Street Market


Chiang Mai, Thailand Travel Part 11: Walking Street Market (Updated 2016)

Another must  see place in Chiang Mai,Thailand    is its  Walking Street Market or the Sunday market which takes place every week from  4pm until midnight . Walking Street Market starts at Thapae Gate and runs along the length of Ratchadamnoen Road through the heart of the Old City and has become a Chiang Mai institution.

 Walking Street Market

The  Walking Street Market is one good venue for cheap shopping in your “Thailand Travel”. This cheap shopping place in Thailand  is closed entirely  is a focal point for local people to meet, browse, socialise, haggle and enjoy. Their numbers are considerably swelled by both Thai and foreign visitors to Chiang Mai and the whole area buzzes with the kind of excitement that can only be generated by a large number of people at leisure. Walking Street Market is also known as the Weekend or Sunday market and is a real showcase of the art and craftsmanship of Chiang Mai. Most vendors  have personally made the items they sell and the many handcrafted objects are a testimony to the skills and inventiveness of local people. I went over  for a few kilos with my baggage when I went home because of the variety of goods I  purchased as Pasalubong and souvenir. The items being sold   are made from an incredible array of materials including wood, metals, ceramics, fabrics, paper, coconuts and much more besides. Handicrafts being sold  are truly authentic and original and are the perfect place to find gifts or beautiful things to decorate your home.

 Walking Street Market

One thing exciting about this place being a cheap shopping destination is the opportunity to  bargain for the price.Any item that is not marked with a fixed price is open for negotiation and is all part of the fun. The stall holders, many of whom have other jobs and only trade at the market, love banter and as long as you smile and barter in a good natured way you will have a great experience. Food and drink are also available in   abundance at the Sunday Market but of course, since I have a sensitive stomach I   normally  opt for bottled drinks.

There were a  number of temples along Rachadamnoen Road and their grounds are open to vendors, many of whom sells fabulous local treats fresh cooked before your eyes. The Sunday Market is the best place in Chiang Mai to see genuine Thai style street entertainment. Right along the length of the Ratchadamoen Road are pavement artists of all descriptions, traditional musicians, Thai dancers, living statues, puppet shows and rock bands. These also add to the festive nature of the market .

 Walking Street Market


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