Get Ready for the 2013 Mudpack Festival


Get Ready for the Fun! Get Ready for the 2013 Mudpack Festival  held every  June 23-24.  The Mudpack Festival is celebrated along with the feast of St. John de Baptist and the height of the monsoon season. This is the reason why when going to the festival one must be ready for some drizzle or even heavy rains–so armed yourself with caps or if better yet just enjoy of getting wet.

The highlights which I like most of this fast becoming popular festival is the  merry-making with dancers’ faces   and bodies painted with Mambukal colored clay.


I would like to believe that the Mudpack festival is one of the most unique and fun festival in the country .It is said that  Mudpack festival was first conceptualized by local artists to showcase Mambukal’s natural wealth.

The unique Mudpack Festival  is a  celebration which is symbolic  of man’s return to primitive time . This is manifested in the presentations done by the dancers and the exhibits they do around the place Oneness with nature is the underlying theme behind this annual exiting exhibition  mud-moving  event. Highlights includes the lavish use of colored clay   in a lively ritual dance competition .

The Mudpack festival is also a feast for many photo enthusiasts as participants would always have their way to pose for a dramatic photo shot. Just ask the participants and they will surely give you a  dramatic pose.


The famous Mambukal Mountain Resort in Barangay Minoyan, Murcia, Negros Occidental is the host for this festival.

Going to the Mudpack festival is a combo trip of fun and excitement. While enjoying the  mudpack festival you also get to enjoy the venue itself-the Mambukal Mountain Resort.



The Mambukal Mountain Resort has many beautiful sites to offer, both made by man and by Mother Nature. Enjoy the  Hot Springs with sulfuric  water to relax your aching body–it has claims for health benefits (I suppose). A Spa is also available for people who loves massage.

The Mambukal Mountain Resort’s Facilities include:  Villas,  Hotel Rooms, Water Falls, Swimming Pools, Function Hall, Therapeutic Warm Dipping Pool, Picnic Huts, Overnight Cottages, Food Court, Bat Watching, Boating, Wall Climbing, Slide for Life, Canopy Walk, Butterfly Garden and Camping Ground.

The Mambukal Resort lies 1,200 feet or about 366 meters above sea level and serves as a gateway to the Mount Kanlaon Volcano.

Swimming Pool

Mambukal , with the land are of over 23.6 hectares l is blessed with numerous beautiful natural resources. A huge mountain stream, fed by several water channels, flows down in a series of seven falls and flows through the center of the resort, giving an overflowing supply of cold water to the swimming pools and boating lagoon.

Mambukal Mountain  Resort  offers great outdoor activites: the Rock Climbing Wall or the Slide for Life.

Refresh not only your body but your eyes and spirit as well, Mambukal Mountain Resort is  abundant of different types of tropical trees together with many variety of pines, ferns and orchids that thrive on its low-temperature climate and rich soil also known as Mambukal clay. You can take home some ornamental plants  and flowers as there are vendors selling these to the willing visitors.

dipping pool

dipping pool at Mambukal


Mambukal is Located at Barangay Minoyan, Murcia, Negros Occidental. Time of Travel:  30-45 minutes from Bacolod City. If you want to take the public transportation,  some jeepneys are available at Libertab Market, Bacolod. (Just ask for the terminal, you wont get lost).


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  1. wonderful glimpse of what is in store for travelers if they opt to visit Murcia, Neg. Occ. on June 2013..

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  3. I will be there this time:)

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