Norwegian Training Center’s 18th Batch, Electro Cadets

Norwegian Training Center's 18th Batch, Electro Cadets

Jojo Vito with the Participants/18th Batch Electro Cadets of the Norwegian Training Center in Manila in their Self-awareness, Leadership and Stress Management Seminar.

Norwegian Training Center’s 18th Batch, Electro Cadets

The Norwegian Training center’s 18th Batch of Electro Cadets has completed a 3-day Training of Self-awareness, Leadership and Stress Management. The seminar was conducted by yours truly representing my consultancy company, INTRASPEC being  the  senior partner.

Participants/18th Batch – Electro Cadets
Abellar ,Cesar Ian H. , ECE, OSM Maritime Inc
De Castro, Arnold Janssen C., ECE ,OSM Maritime Inc.
Dichoso, Lawrence A. , EE, OSM Maritime Inc.
Dolor ,Neil Joseph C. , EE ,OSM Maritime Inc.
Isaac, Jules Clyde F., ECE, OSM Maritime Inc.
Avance ,Christopher Martin B.,ECE ,BW Shipping Phils Inc.
Balle, Kristian Irish M. ,ECE, BW Shipping Phils Inc.
Famero, John Paul M. , ECE, BW Shipping Phils Inc.
Garcia Jay-Ar E. 18 ECE BW Shipping Phils Inc.
Ventura Raymund M. 18 EE BW Shipping Phils Inc.
Cabayao Jhon Mark C. 18 EE BW Shipping Phils Inc.



INTRASPEC Management Consultancy is a  training firm based in Bacolod City, Negros occidental, Philippines.Our Customized Training Program is geared to train your  workforce to exhibit the productive and innovative culture  to ensure that you and your team are primed to meet the unique threats and challenges your organization faces.With our  20 years of training experience,  INTRASPEC  PROGRAMS are designed differently and  unique to your organisation and your particular challenges. It is carefully crafted by our faculty team to meet your objectives and is designed to transform the thinking and behavior of participants to accelerate and drive effective change.

For your Training Needs you may contact: jovito_ ; mobile 0922-8516729.




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  1. sir 39 years old bsece pwede ba magapply?

  2. Good Day ! Sir jojo,

    Pwede po babae?

  3. Mark Vincent Arcenas

    hi sir jojo,

    what about ECT and RME holder ? am i still qualify for an electro cadet program?
    also i’m 29 year old ,a ece graduate po..

    thank and regards

  4. good day sir jojo, do you still have a vacant position as eto cadet? REE license holder po ako and i also have trainings and certificates.. thank you.

  5. Hi sir Jojo! For ECE grads, do the electro cadet program require Electronics Engineer Licence or RME Licence from PRC? Thank you and more power to your site!

  6. Sir saan po pweding mgapply sa norwegian scholarship program.

  7. Michael edward galang

    Sir jojo, is there any age limit on the electro cadets? Thank you very much!

  8. Hi Sir Jojo,

    After their training, will NTC absorb them as electrical officers on norwegian vessels? Or cadets are free to apply for any shipping line?

    thank you for any inputs sir.


    • Hi James,
      This is a scholarship and the Norwegian companies are paying for the tuition,so you have to work first with the sponsoring company. So if you will be accepted in the scholarship, meaning -you will have the company to work with 🙂

  9. nice one!

  10. Jojo Vito Intraspec

    It was fun to be with you Cadets! Goodluck!

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