7th Falls, Mambukal Mountain Resort

7th Falls, Mambukal Mountain Resort


Visiting Mambukal Mountain Resort can be very exciting especially for those who are first timers. But even for a Negrense like me who frequents the place, the resort still has a magic to offer to her every guest.

Mambukal Mountain Resort was originally developed by a Japanese architect named Kokichi Paul Ishiwata in 1927, the resort started as a bathhouse and picnic garden. The Ishiwata bathhouse is still there and was repaired a few years back.

Boating Lagoon at Mambukal, Mambukal Mountain Resort

Boating Lagoon at Mambukal

The resort is situated in an almost 24-hectare land area and blessed with wonderful natural features. One of the most popular features of the resort of course aside for their swimming pools is the descending seven (7) waterfalls. The water from the falls is streaming into the center of the resort also feeding the water holes and a wide boating lagoon. I haven’t visited the falls for quite some time already, that’s why on my recent visit it was the first spot which I checked upon my arrival.

I like the improvement the management did to the resort. There are uniformed, trained tour guide for the first timer visiting the falls. The pathways are well maintained and I was glad that they did not cover it with cement, otherwise, it will look unnatural. But I love the metal railings they placed especially when climbing the falls.

dipping pool

On our way to the waterfalls, we passed by the area of Canopy Walk and its walking bridges. We spotted some who tried it, but our time limits us, so we just went ahead to the falls. There were visible security guards even at the water falls area.

I just climb up to the 6th Falls because climbing the 5th up to the 1st Fall is already a big physical challenge.

Another personal favorite about  Mambukal Mountain Resort is a number of hot sulfur springs supplying a warm dipping pool and the Ishiwata Bathhouse. Many patrons love these spots as it gives one a relaxing feeling. I didn’t have the opportunity to go warm dipping in my last visit due to lack of time. For those staying in the resort, The Blade Spa is there which offers massage for those who wanted to relax maybe after they dip from a sulfuric pool.

Swimming , Mambukal Mountain Resort

Swimming Pool

Atop the war dipping pool area are trees filled with bats. Mambukal Mountain Resort claimed to have more than 4,000 fruits bats in the area.

A few steps from the dipping pool area is a space for the ornamental flower vendors. For plant lovers, these are nice souvenirs to bring home from the resort.

For those who loves extreme adventures, Mambukal Mountain Resort offers     Wall Climbing or the Slide for Life facilities.


The Lagoon at Mambukal, Mambukal Mountain Resort

The Lagoon at Mambukal

Mambukal Resort lies 1,200 feet above sea level and serves as a gateway to Mt. Kanlaon Natural Park.

I had conducted a series of training for various companies in this resort. I should say that Mambukal  Mountain Resort is ideal for those inclined to mix business with pleasure. Mambukal has nice conference halls that can accommodate a large number of guests for various functions such as seminars, meetings, workshops, and conferences. Various overnight accommodation facilities are also available   —family cottages, standard rooms, dormitories, and campsites. The grounds are definitely large for any team building or outdoor activities.

Picnic huts and canopies are strategically situated near the two swimming pool for excursionists.


Entrance Fees: 
Adult- P50.00
Kids 11 years & below – P20.00
Light Vehicles – P15.00
Trucks/Buses – P30.00

Matrimonial – P1,700.00
1 Single & 1 Matrimonial – P2,000.00
4 Single Beds – P2,400.00
Extra Bed – P200.00

Family Cottage – P4,000.00
Extra Foam P100.00

LGU Cottages
Good for 2 pax – P900.00
Good for 4 pax – P1,200.00
Good for 6 pax – P1,500.00
Extra Foam – P100.00

Tourist Lodge
Ordinary Room – P600.00
Deluxe Room – P750.00
Family Room – P1,000.00

Dormitory (Exclusive Use – good for 20 packs) P2,000.00

Camping P30.00 per person

Picnic Huts
Big Hut – P600.00
Small Hut – P300.00
Tables w/ 4 Chairs – P100.00

Transport Service
Coaster (25 seater)  : (Bcd-Mam-Bcd) P2,800.00 | (Silay-Mam-Silay)P3,300.00
Urvan (12 seater) : (Bcd-Mam-Bcd)P1,900.00 | (Silay-Mam-Silay)P2,200.00


Mambukal Resort:

Brgy. Minoyan, Murcia
Province of Negros Occidental, Philippines
Telefax: (034) 473-0610

Mambukal Resort Office:

2F Northwing, Old Capitol Bldg.
North Capitol Road, Bacolod City
Telephone Numbers: (034) 433-8516 | (034) 7090990


Mambukal is Located in Barangay Minoyan, Murcia, Negros Occidental. Time of Travel:  30-45 minutes from Bacolod City. If you want to take the public transportation,  some jeepneys are available at Libertad Market, Bacolod. (Just ask for the terminal, you won’t get lost).



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