Negros Bloggers at the Island Spoon

Negros Bloggers , Island Spoon

The Negros Bloggers enjoying a sumptuous meal at the island Spoon

Negros Bloggers at the Island Spoon

It was another Negros Bloggers’  gathering at the Island Spoon Restaurant (beside Negros Showroom-Lacson). The Negros Bloggers present were Glady Tomulto, Sigrid Lo, Remus and yours truly. Well, I am really not new to the place as I am always at the Negros Showroom so every once in a while I would really drop by the place and eat.

The owners  took the time to entertain us and explain to us about the food that they served. I tasted first the pancit molo…The pancit  molo is a very familiar recipe.In fact just like the batchoy, Pancit molo is also a favorite snack item for many.

Fried chicken was really crispy. I have to admit   I am  no longer excited about any chicken dish, but Island Spoon’s Fried is worth a try.

My personal favorite is the lechon sisig—Yes,lechon sisig.  I am not a fan of any sisig simply because of its cholesterol  but this time, I did indulge because the  flavor of  lechon made a great twist in the usual sisig.

The owners proudly introduced their dinuguan, using chicken blood instead of pork.  Theirs was good, but not really my favorite. But some of my peer liked it, so it might just simply my taste—” kanya kanyang panlasa” as they said.

The sizzling squid also tasted great. I like the veggie  stuffing.

Another exciting offering of the island spoon is their  pizza. What I like most about their pizza is their  crust  which tasted just like a thin toasted bread.

The moringa juice made me really excited. That was my first time to try and tasted really good.

Try to visit the place…The Island Spoon is so easy to locate, it’s just right beside the Negros Showroom and fronting Philippine National Bank-Lacson.

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