Bacolodnons love to eat. Just like anyone else, we the Happy Trippers  love   good food and at a  good price of course. When visiting Bacolod City, one should try our various restaurants   which offer good food. Below are the lists of  dining places we  frequent  both fine  and casual dining.

We ask you to bookmark this page as we are continuously updating and adding more dining places (restaurants, cafes, snack bars,etc.)   in this list.

This list is organized as follows:

  1.  Restaurants along Lacson Street

  2. Restaurants at Robinsons Place

  3. Restaurants at Capitol Shopping Center

  4. Restaurants along  6th Street

  5. Restaurants at Bacolod South and Goldenfield Commercial Complex

  6. Restaurants in  Bacolod East Area

  7. Restaurants in Bacolod North Area

  8. Restaurants at SM City

  9. Restaurants in Bacolod West Area

  10. Restaurants in   Talisay City


kabbara 4

Kabsa Lamb by Kabbara

Kabarra Café located at the Billboard Complex, BS Aquino Drive Corner, Lacson St. ( Landmark is Outdoor Master ), Bacolod City. This restaurant is serving authentic and great tasting Lebanese and Mediterranean Cuisines.

silver and plum lamb steak

Lamb Steak by Silver & Plum

18th Street Palapala. Located at 18th Street, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, the seafood restaurant offers a wide array of Filipino and seafood dishes. They have 3 air-conditioned function rooms which can be used exclusively for meetings and other events. They also have  a large al-fresco dining area which is perfect especially during night time.

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18th Street Palapala’s Mixed Seafood with Gata

Kenaji Japanese Restuarant. Enjoy Japanese food at an affordable price at Kenaji Japanese Restaurant, located at the Ground Floor of Mayfair Plaza, Lacson Street, Bacolod City. For reservations, please call :(034) 0344352921

Salmon Sushi at Kenaji Japanese Restuarant

 Silver & Plum.  This Restobar is located at the groundfloor of Sorento Piazza, Lacson Street, Bacolod City. Their lamb steak is a must try.

bascon tilapia

Lupad-Lupad (Tilapia) of  27th Bascon Restaurant

27th Bascon. Bascon always has a good reputation for good food they serve which are  mostly Filipino Cuisines. Located at 27th Lacson Street, Bacolod City

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1 beside rollling hills

Yummy Pancit Malabon of Tita Beth’s Pancit Malabon House

Tita Beth’s Pancit Malabon House. I have not eaten in their place but their Pancit Malabon is a must try and we always order a   bilao of Pancit Malabon from this place.Located at  27th Lacson Street, Bacolod City (beside Rolling Hills)

Crispy Tuna at Orange Carinderia

Orange Carinderia. Orange Karenderia  is one place which the whole family would love to dine in. Offering Filipino Cuisines, Orange Karenderia  used local  ingredients abundant in the area. The restaurant is located at 22nd Street-Lacson Street, Bacolod City.

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Pizza Republik

Pizza Republik. Right beside Orange Carinderia is the Pizza Republik. Have fun and customize your own pizza by choosing from their 60 plus toppings.Located at 22nd St., Bacolod City.

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batchoy bar 21 1

Bar 21 Restaurant. A fine dining restaurant offering good food. I personally love their batchoy. Located at 21 St, Lacson St., Bacolod City.

The main cabana at Lina's Al Fresco Dining

The main cabana at Lina’s Al Fresco Dining

Lina’s Al Fresco Dining.  located at 1st Street , near SSS Building, Lina’s Al Fresco Dining offers one of the best ambiances for any dining experience.

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1 bobs


Sate Babe of Bob’s Resturant

Bob’s Restaurant. Located at B.S. Aquino Drive, Bacolod City, just a block away from Lacson Street and in front of Riverside Medical Center. Bob’s Restaurant is one favorite dining place of many Bacolodnons.

1 cafe bobs

Buko Pie at Bob’s Cafe

Bob’s Cafe. Located right along 21- Lacson Street, Bacolod City. The place is perfect for hangout…they have good coffee, cakes and pastries, pizza and pasta and many more.

Chicken Stroganoff, Hungarian Sausage, Unlimited Garlic Rice  and Veggie Sidings

Chicken Tumbling. Located at the Bob’s Open Grounds at 21st – Lacson Streets, Bacolod City. Try their various chicken dishes.

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chalet IMG_0572

Filipino Dishes at Chalet Restuarant

L Fisher  Chalet.    If you’re claustrophobic, you might want to try L’ Fisher Chalet. Right at the rooftop of L’ Fisher Hotel, the place offers a relaxing ambiance. It is where the pool of L Fisher is Located, so you can have an “in a vacation feeling”. A good view of the city is also offered in the place.

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1 choros cs


Choros at C’s Cafe

L Fisher’s C’s Cafe. Right in front of L Fisher Hotel,  C’s Cafe is the best place to have  coffee and chat with friends. Their cakes and pastries are great.

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Cakes of Calea

Cakes of Calea

Calea is already an institution  in Bacolod. They are known for their deliciously tempting blueberry cheesecake and chocolate cakes. If it is your first time to visit Calea, you’ll surely come back for more. They offer cakes, pastries, pasta, coffee, and sandwiches.

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Trattoria Uma.

Café Uma. Just beside L Fisher Hotel, Bacolod City. Café Uma is a place where you would want to  enjoy a delectable Asian and Western Cafe Cuisines.Try their sausages served in a large bowl with green salad and mashed potato.

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Tyrol Restaurant. Tyrol Restaurants offers flavors of Germany and Austria. Located at 12th Street, Mayfair Plaza, Bacolod. telephone Numbers: 034-7031878  /  0906-3357564

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delicioso 2

Delicioso. Try their Paella Valenciana and Paella Negra.  Deliciosio is located at Mandalagan, Bacolod City, near Sanparq (CONVERGYS), they open at 10 AM – 11 PM Sunday to Thursday and 10 AM to 12 Midnight every Friday to Saturdays.

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Yakiniko at Shabuniko

Yakiniko at Shabuniko

 Shabuniko, a Korean restaurant found along Lacson Street. Is one of the newest exciting place to dine in Bacolod City. They serve authentic Korean food and the dining area is divided into two, the Shabu-shabu, and their Yaki Niku.

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Halo-Halo of Kuppa

Kuppa is one of the most pleasant places we must recommend if you want to just relax or meet some friends. They have a wide array of tea offerings, cakes, and pastries. But my most favorite is their Salad Bar and during  summer  their Halo-halo Bar.



anna's grill collage

Kadyo’s, Baboy, langka (KBL, Adobong Pusit and Sizzling Blue Marlin

Melly’s Garden. Located at 6th Street, Bacolod City. Melly’s Garden serves Filipino Cuisines…you should try KBL (Kadyos, Baboy and Langka).


Krispy Tadyang and Crispy Pata of Imay’s

Imay’s. Imay’s, another great  native restaurant in Bacolod City. Located at 6th St, Bacolod City, Imay’s  has an airconditioned function rooms but I would prefer to eat Al Fresco whenever I visit the place. Their seafood cuisines are fantastic, but you should try also their crispy tadyang and crispy pata.


Greenos’ Pizza. One of the branches of Greenos is located right beside Imay’s. Try their  giant size pizza, you will surely love it. Greeno’s is perhaps  the best-tasting and affordable thin crust pizza here in Bacolod City.  They have  very affordable prices ranging  from Php99 (regular – 9 inches) to Php845 (XXL – 30 inches).

For deliveries you may contact us by these numbers:

Alijis Branch:Cellphone number: 0909-4195726 (Smart); 0948-8773624 (Smart); 0915-8451855 (Globe); Telephone number: 4344294

6th Lacson St. Branch: Cellphone number: 0915-6313481 (Globe) 946-5343458 (Smart); 0928-4894686 (Smart); Telephone number: 434-7466; 434-0036; 704-1058

Mandalagan Branch: Cellphone number: 0917-3198662 (Globe); 0915-2517803 (Globe); 0947-7023512 (Smart); Telephone number: 476-4458

NGC Branch: (near Lopue’s East) Cellphone number:  0999-3441618 (Smart); 916-7198796 (Globe);Telephone number:  433-1482

Silay Branch: Cellphone number:  0921-2237585; (Smart) 0915-9885116 (Globe); Telephone number: 441-2296

Kabankalan Branch: Cellphone number:  0939-6136076 ;(Smart)  0915-7682558 (Globe)



Chicken Haus. Of course, chicken is a staple in Bacolod City. One of the most popular place offering chicken barbecue is Chicken Haus. One of their branches is located at Alunan Avenue-Araneta St, right beside Metrodome.

1 alice recipes

Alice Recipes.  Across Metrodome is a   small restaurant but also airconditioned, the Alice Recipes. They serve really good food. Among our favourites in their menu are Baby back ribs, Beef Ropa,etc. Phone: 034-4343773 or 09162659835

Zharnns Boneless Lechon

Zharnns Grill.Located at Goldenfield Commercial Complex, Singcang, Bacolod City (near Aboy‘s). Try their boneless lechon and Bulalo.

Contact Details: Taculing, Bacolod, Philippines (034) 704 1056

Read our review of the Zharnns.

may's garden black rice and salad

May’s Garden Organic Green Salad and Black Rice

May’s Organic Garden and Restaurant. Try their organic buffet lunch for only PhP350. They are  open daily from 8am-5pm. Soon they will open the restaurant until dinner time. For more information please call: (034) 431 3800

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aboy's blue marlin

Aboy’s zisling Blue Marlin

Aboy’s Restaurant. One of the icons in Bacolod City when it comes to native food. The resto is located at Goldenfields Commercial Complex and they have a non-air con and Aircon dining area. They also have some function rooms if you want to have an exclusive   meeting or get together. A boy’s is serving authentic Filipino cuisine. My favorite is their sizzling blue marlin, kinilaw, and steamed wild mushrooms among others.

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Quan Delicacies. When it comes to native delicacies, it must be Quan. Quan has been in business for more than 20 years now selling wide array of food, puto to dinuguan, native delicacies, pasalubong items, cakes and pastries and many more…

VISIT ANY QUAN  OUTLETS: NORTHDRIVE- (034) 709-0677; 433-9987;# 3 LA SALLE AVENUE, CAPITOLVILLE – (034)-434-6379;432-1074; 708-5055; LOPUE’S DEPARTMENT  STORE-ARANETA-(034) 435-6559; LOPUE’S DEPARTMENT STORE- SAN SEBASTIAN-(034) 435-1113; ROBINSON’S SUPERMARKET -(034) 476-1518; GAISANO CITY – SUPERMarket – (034)  707-8440; LOPUE’S EAST CENTER- (034)-708-9095

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lord byrons-3


Lord Byron’s Baby Backribs

Lord Byrons’s Baby Backribs . Never mind the mabiance , just their food. But their Baby Backribs is to die for…Lord Byron’s Backribs is located at Block 8 Homesite, 6100 Bacolod City with telephone number :(034) 433 2469.

Please read our review of Lord Byron’s 


Rau Ram Cafe (Formerly Saigon Cafe)  .They serve authentic Vietnamese Cuisines and Asian Fusion Dishes. Located at Prk. Marapara 1 Zone 2, Brgy. Bata, Bacolod City, Philippines, Rau Ram Café (formerly known as Saigon Café). Phone: (034)708 9036, Email: saigoncafe411@yahoo.com.ph.

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Bistek Tagalog at D. Coffee Ground House

D. Coffee Ground House. Basically a cafe serving coffee and pastries. But They also serve simple dishes for meals. Located at Cordova Avenue, Brgy Mandalagan, Bacolod City. Telephone (034) 441 6356

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Kuya J.  A Casual Dining Restaurant serving homestyle Filipino Cuisines inside SM City, Bacolod City.

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Crispy Pata of Chikaan

Chikaan. Enjoy Filipino Cuisines at its best at Chikaan. Located at SM City, Bacolod.

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vikings 5

Vikings. The biggest buffet restaurant is also in Bacolod City.Located at SM City Bacolod.

Please click here for my review of Vikings 



Ading’s Pala-Pala. For the seafood lovers and for those who are  adventurous, the  Pala Pala Market in Bacolod is quite popular. Located   at  8th street  at the back portion of the Provincial Capitol  Building. Their seafood is a must try, but they have meat dishes as well.

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fatboys porkchop

Fatboy’s Porkchop

Fatboys Restaurant. Fatboys is a small resto located at 22nd- Aguinaldo Street, Bacolod City. Try their pork chop or burger steak.

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Blackbeard’s Seafood Island Restaurant. Located  at the District, Ayala North Point in Talisay City, Metro Bacolod. Blackbeard’s Seafood Island is known for the freshest seafood, barbecue favorites and claimed to be the ultimate in island cooking. Try their “Boodle Feast” ,  it’s really fun.

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If your place or your favorite restaurant is not included in this list, feel free to invite us…

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    -Dalum Balay (Villamonte)
    -batchoy house (Downtown)

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