Davao is known for its durian, Philippine Eagle, their Samal Island  and many other outdoor activities. One famous festival which many tourist would visit in Davao is their  Kadayawan Festival.  The Kadayawan Festival takes over the city of Davao during every third week of August.  To summarize it to a few words, Kadayawan is a celebration of life.  The people of the area gather together to say thanks for what they have been given, and celebrate in the streets with singing, dancing, eating and drinking.  Although the festival first began many years ago, it was institutionalized by the government in 1986.  The climax of the week is surely the Grande Floral Parade, which passes through blocked off city streets, with hundreds of participants dressed in costumes and dawning flowers.    

The Festival’s activities include:

  • HUDYAKAAN SA KADAYAWAN is a A 3- week long food and beverage market within Rizal Park that offers local cuisines to tourists and guests every night.
  • OPENING CEREMONIES is an ecumenical ceremony in thanksgiving for a year of blessing and bounty. This also marks the start of the Kadayawan activities.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL PROJECT, Environmental projects will be done in thanksgiving to the goodness of nature.
  • LUMADNONG GAMA is a  showcase of indigenous people’s artifacts, wares, products and cuisines.
  • DAYAW MARKET is a  two- week market showcasing Davao’s products. These products are homegrown, some in organic farms and are also environmentally friendly.
  • LUMADNONG BANTAWAN is a Tribal performances in different locations of the downtown area filled with music and dancing will be brought for public viewing, courtesy of the city’s ten tribes.
  • TUNOG MINDANAW is a music competition bringing together different Mindanaoan musicians and composers.
  • HIYAS SA KADAYAWAN is a  contest to find the Festival Gem of Davao, the Hiyas sa Kadayawan will be participated in by the members of the ten indigenous tribes of the city.
  • IP GRAND PERFORMANCE, The Indigenous People’s Performance is a grand show of the culture and practices and way of living of the ten indigenous tribes.
  • INDAK – INDAK SA KADALANAN is a  street dancing competition along Davao’s major thoroughfares will culminate in a grand showdown in the Rizal Park area.
  •  PAMULAK SA KADAYAWAN, grand parade of floral floats from competing and non competing entries will be staged at the city’s major thoroughfares.
  • PAHALIPAY CONCERT, The Pahalipay Concerts will feature various local and national artists in different barangays in the city.
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Below are the schedules for the 29th Dayawan sa Dabaw. But for the first timers, I am sure that you would want to see other places and would try some activities  while  in Davao. Here are my previous activities in Davao, hoping that this will guide you on what to do in Davao.


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