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Why people give fruit cakes for the holidays? Is it because they thought you’re on a diet?

Every Christmas time, I don’t know, but I do receive boxes of fruitcakes. And at home, not everyone likes fruitcake. As a matter of fact, what I just love about fruitcake before were the colorful glazed fruits in it and oftentimes they are just stored in the fridge for months. But since I usually stayed late at night for work, I would normally look for something to munch each time I went hungry.That was how I get used to the taste of fruit cake and later I just realized I liked it already. In fact, If not only for its sugar content, I can finish half of the usual rectangular sized fruit cake in one time.

Obviously, fruit cake does not originate from the Philippines. So I made a little research on where it came from. Various literature tells that fruit cake can be traced, by most accounts, to the ancient Romans. It is said that in the early 18th century, fruitcake, then known as plum cake, was outlawed in Europe for being sinfully rich. From 1837 to the turn of the century, fruit cake was very popular in England and always had a place on the high tea table.
At the Big Apple, fruit cakes are popular items to send to soldiers, and in 2006, Americans sent  2,952 pounds of fruitcake to soldiers stationed in Iraq, according to the Christian Science Monitor.

Usually, fruit cake is made flour, sugar, eggs, alcohol such as rum, nuts, raisins and candied or dried fruit. Also, some recipes may include additional spices and ingredients typically found in cakes, such as vanilla extract, cinnamon, nutmeg, citrus peel, almond extract, allspice, and cloves.
Some articles claimed that fruitcake is full of healthy nutrients. The fruit and fiber in fruitcake are loaded with anti-oxidants that protect cells from disease and damage. This information excites me a bit.

Fruit Cake contains a lot of sugar, which means that water activity is low, which keeps mold from forming and makes the cake last a long time.And since fruit cake contains alcohol, it could remain edible for years. One article claimed that a fruit cake baked in 1878 was kept as an heirloom by a family (Morgan L. Ford) in Tecumseh, Michigan. In 2003 it was sampled by Jay Leno on The Tonight Show. Occasional rubbing of spirit and wrapping the cake in an alcohol-soaked linen before storing is one method of lengthening its shelf life.

With this trivia, eatI thought, for those getting married in the month of December, why not make a wedding cake out of Fruit Cake so that the couple can still eat a portion eating after their first or second year anniversary?–just my thought.

Locally Made Fruit Cake

Quan Delicacies sells fruit cake that is aged for a minimum of 1 year. Quan’s fruit cakes come in 2 sizes and packaging . The first one is the usual rectangular shaped in an acetate packaging , while the small one comes with a unique melted glass packaging, both are perfect as a Christmas present.

Give Fruit Cakes for the Holidays

Fruit Cakes are affordable. For more than just PhP 200, you can already give a present that is practical and presentable.It doesn’t spoil quickly as well. Unlike other cakes with icing , sometimes their frosting melts even before reaching the receiver.

Happy Gift giving everyone!


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  1. What are the recommended fruit cakes to give? It has always been ham or keso de bola that we give / receive during christmas 🙂

  2. My mom bakes fruit cake before and we really sold a lot because it’s such an excellent Christmas Gift.

  3. Very nice presentation of fruit cakes here, very creative and informative post too and yes, i would love to receive fruit cakes as gift this Christmas.. 🙂

  4. Rochkirstin Santos

    We do give fruit cakes and really appreciate receiving them during the holidays. But yes, we don't often see fruit cakes being exchanged in the Philippines. PhP 200 is an afforable price to pay.

  5. Fruit cake is really a convenient gift to give. Never fails to delight the recipient . Its color simply in pattern with the holiday season.

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