IMG_2592Yours truly with the Younghusband brothers James and Phil during the opening of Kuya J Restaurant


I have no Kuya, because I’m the eldest amongst the males in the family. So no Kuya cooks from home except , me. I thought, maybe it would be great to have a Kuya who will protect you and will cook for you and the entire family once in a while especially when there are family gatherings and celebrations.

Today, I am  happy to note that a  “Kuya” has just arrived  in Bacolod City to cook for every Negrenses.

Fresh Fruit Shakes

Kuya J , a casual dining restaurant serving Filipino cuisines  has just opened at SM City Northwing their 27th of the 100 outlets they plan to open in  2015. We were lucky to be amongst the first to try their food and brand of service in Bacolod City.

The opening ceremony was attended by the local officials, people from the media, Negros Bloggers ,Skyscrapers and friends.The Younghusband brothers James and Phil flew in to Bacolod City to grace the event.

Grilled Scallops topped with butter and cheeze

Now the food tasting…I’m sorry, that was food indulging. Lol.

As soon as we were seated  their waiters who were very nice started to get our orders for drinks. All bloggers at the table ordered for fresh fruit shakes. I tried first their water melon shake and found it to be very refreshing. As we take our drink the ribbon cutting and a short program begin.

Chorizo Dinamitas

After a while, the first food was served. This time we have been trying  their Grilled scallops topped with butter and cheese. The Grilled scallops were simply yummy. Another starter  Chorizo Dinamitas was served  just in time that we’re done with the scallops. It’s red chilly filled with  chorizo, fried and served with special sauce. The Chorizo Dinamitas  was not really that hot, especially when dipped in a sauce, but it gives you  a distinct  bite on your last chew.

Pochero Tagalog

Bagoong Rice

Then the Pochero Tagalog was served. I love sweets  so each time I cooked my own pochero, I really put a lot of bananas and sugar. Kuya J’s pochero tagalog  has a hint spiciness . I can feel the taste of the pepper. But the meat was really tender and nice. The serving was  good for 2-3 persons , but there were 6 of us in the table, so I was not able to have enough of the soup, but it’s okay because another dish came as soon as I had my last sip.


Then  my most favorite of all the Kare Kare and Bagoong Rice. What I love most about Kuya J’s Kare Kare was the level of thickness and consistency of the soup. Fellow blogger Runel of AdventureToTheMax.Com and a co-writer of TopOnMyList.Com, had really enjoyed the Kare Kare . The bagoong that goes with it was just perfect. I should say that the perfect partner  for the Kare kare was the Bagoong Rice topped with bagnet, strips of green mangoes,green and red pepper and slice onions.

Crispy Catfish

More dishes came, the Pinakbet ,CrispyPata and Crispy  Catfish. Fellow blogger Martin of Foodunters.Com vowed to return for the Crispy Catfish served with tuba-soy sauce and bagoong mayo. I seemed to feel that each one of us in the table has its own  favorite, but everyone simply love Kuya J’s Crispy Pata.  I have noticed that while Kuya J served the common Filipino Dishes they had added some twist on its preparation especially on its sauces and deeps which really enhances the flavor of the food.

Crispy Pata

Finally, we also had the chance to taste the favorite” Panghimagas” (desserts) ni Kuya. The Mango Pandan which was similar to our common Buko Pandan  and  an exciting Fried Halo-Halo with Vanilla Ice Cream , the usual Halo halo ingredients  such as  ube, white beans, corn, nata de coco, langka and brown beans were wrapped in batter and flash-fried, then served with whipped cream and vanilla ice cream on top.

Mango Pandan

That was indeed an enjoyable gastronomic experience at Kuya J. With the kind of food that they serve and their price range, I’m sure that this restaurant will be here to stay. Kuya J. ikaw na ang masarap!

 Fried Halo-halo

 The Negros Bloggers with Phil and James Younghusband

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  1. It’s nice to hear that Kuya is in town to make your belly happy

  2. All seems yummy except for the rice with bagoong. Allergic kasi ako sa bagoong. you didn’t mention the price. sulit ba?

  3. All the foods look very delicious. I do not know much about those two hunks. I am way behind with Philippines entertainment.

  4. I am not a big fan of scallops but that grilled one looks tasty!

  5. Another Filipino restaurant that is sure to capture every foodie’s palate in Bacolod. Hope to visit there someday.

  6. I feel stuffed by just looking at your photos . The Chorizo dinamitas sound interesting, oh how I miss the pinakbet and crispy pata. And superb that the Younghusbands has resto it would be nice to visit someday.

  7. Wow everything looks really yummy! I’d like to try the Pochero and the Crispy Pata.

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