Dubbed as the mother of all Festivals in Negros,  Panaad sa Negros is set on  April 22-30,2017  at Panaad Park and Stadium, Brgy Mansilingan Bacolod City.

The Pintaflorez Festival of San Carlos City


The Panaad Park was created primarily for the Panaad Festival. The park houses Pavillions of the 19 Municipalities and 13 Cities all over Negros Occidental. These pavilions are either replica of the icons of the place or a representation of the culture, products and the people of the place.

Great effort is being given to maintaining these Pavilions as they are only used during the festival. This is why most of these Pavillions are made of concrete materials and are only refreshed a week before the Panaad Festival.

Visiting the park during the Panaad festival is like visiting the entire province of Negros Occidental.

A showcase of Pandan products at the Municipality of Calatrava Pavilion


The multi-purpose stadium of Negros Occidental has been for many international and national sports events. It has a 15,500 seating capacity but can hold up to 20,000 people with standing areas.

Major events of the Panaad festival are being held at the stadium such as the Lin-ay sang Negros (Festival Queen Coronation Night), Festival Dances Competition, Concerts, Sports, Latin dance Sports Competition, FolkFolk Dance Competition and much more.


Experience Negros’ Culture, Talents and Beauty

Some of my favorite events during the festival include the following:

The Festival Dance Competition – a showdown of all the festivals in Negros Occidental.Witnessing this event is like attending all the major fiestas in the province.The folk hasDance competition, not the ordinary folk dance you see being performed in schools. This competition reflects how the choreographers have research about the story of a culture and execute it through dance.

The folk hasDance competition – not the ordinary folk dance you see being performed in schools. This competition reflects how the choreographers have research about the story of a culture and execute it through dance.

The latin dance Competition is also another visual feast during the festival.

For the sports lover, Panaad festival will also have the Football festival, boxing,etc.

Of course, the search of Lin-ay sang Negros is another exciting event during the festival.

Too many to mentions, the Panaad Festival also offers concerts, bodybuilding competition, business training, and much more. (Please refer to the schedule above for details.)

Handicraft and Food Shopping

The Panaad festival is the Opportunity for every LGU to showcase their local produce such as crops, preserved food, sweets, handicrafts and much more. From the simple broom to the classic and high priced wooden or hardwood furniture, Panaad has it.


Chicken and Seafood Galore

After exploring the entire park, many opt to dine and enjoy the delicacies offered by each municipality and cities. Coastal LGUs normally offer seafood and of course, the Chicken Barbecue is always present.

Travel Planning

Almost all pavillions are manned by the Tourism representative of each municipality and cities. So for the first-time traveler to Negros, this is a good opportunity to ask relevant information from the place’s representative and what to see from their places.

Haven for Plant Lovers

A great portion of the park is dedicated to the gardeners of Negros. In fact, the Panaad Park has gardens which are open all year round and you can just buy ornamental plants or even ask them to do your landscaping.



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jojo vito-34Sinulog sa Kabankalan

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  1. I didn’t know Negros had that kind of festival! I would love to see it for my self

  2. perfect for anyone to go and have fun 🙂 and sounds like it’s so much fun 🙂

  3. Come to think of it, I haven’t seen any festival yet. Even in my parents’ hometown, Aklan.

  4. Negros has many colorful festivals that are must-sees!

  5. Someday I really want to be able to catch the various festivals in Negros. I never got to witness one when I went on a trip there several years ago.

  6. This is a colorful event I’d love to see one day.

  7. Wow, what an exciting time April is in Bacolod! Ang busy ng schedule!So many activities to look forward to. I really want to take my kids there someday soon

  8. WOW! Jam packed with activities!! Hopefully I can visit Negros someday and experience this festival!

  9. It sure looks like it’s packed with a lot of activities, but sounds like it’s so much fun. I haven’t been to Negros and I hope to visit this lovely place in one of my future trips.

  10. I live in Negros Occidental but I have not gone to witness the week-long Panaad sa Negros fot it also in conflict with our local week long festival.

  11. that was a very lengthy celebration! I imagine each activity to be soooo packed with people, from the press presentations to the street performances!

  12. so sad that the event was finished already. will gear up the next time!

  13. Sounds like a lot of things happening – perfect for anyone to go and have fun.

  14. They also have so many sports activities here. This is really a packed week of celebrations here.

  15. I didn’t know that there’s even a taekwondo competition that happened in a festival like this. The activities are so diverse.

  16. These long line up of activities would surely boost Negros’ tourism.

  17. I guess the events has something in store for every body. There’s even a run for the whole family.

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