Bacolod City is known for its chicken inasal. At Bacolod City, we have the Manokan Country, an alley of various establishments all selling one delicacy – the Chicken Barbecue.

I was invited for a very interesting event entitled “Inasal Throwdown 2015”. The event which was sponsored by the BS Entrepreneurship  Students of the University of St. La Salle (Bacolod) was a showdown of the three famous Chicken Inasal in Bacolod City: Nena’s Rose, Masskara Chicken and Aida’s. Each restaurant made their own version of the chicken inasal and these inasal were color coded unknown to the guests which were  invited to judge the best chicken inasal according to their choice. Amongst those that were invited were some  members of the Negros Bloggers and Bacolod Skyscrapers.

In my one opinion, Chicken Inasal’s taste can vary caused by many  factors and cooking techniques. Some of these factors may include  the number of hours of marination, the ingredients used in marinating the product, the manner and timing of how they prepare and grill the product.

Judging these inasal were a bit of a challenge considering that while they all served chicken inasal, each has its own strengths. The winner was chosen according to the number of votes casted by the selected invitees.


Photo: 1. Yours truly casting my with Jeremiah Locsin, Project Manager. 2. Some of guests lining up to try the Chicken Inasal. 3. (L-R) Sirgrid Lo, Butch Erasmo, Bacolod City Tourism Officer, Romel Pasaporte and Dennis Lo

Even myself  didn’t know whose chicken I was eating. I was only guided by the colors assigned from the chicken served to me. Here’s my personal evaluation of the three Chicken Inasal contingents:

  1. Yellow (Masskara Chicken) –  my personal favorite, it was  soft and juicy and really tasted very fresh. The taste was just perfect for me, it leaves a little room for the sauce which in Bacolod we normally use the soy sauce, vinegar and, fresh chili. I didn’t use any sauce  because I would like to taste the chicken as presented by the contingents.
  2. Blue (Aida’s) – I guess, the most flavorful of all the entries. I can sense that their chicken was well marinated and it reached even in the bone part. But while  marinating can give the desired flavor, in my experience at home, marinating the chicken too long can cause the barbecue to lose some of it juices.
  3. Red (Nena’s Rose)-Of  the three entries, Nena’s Rose I guess strike a balance of what I have mentioned above. Though it was not as soft and  juicy as the Masskara Chicken, their Chicken Inasal has the right flavor and softness one may look for a chicken barbecue.


Thank you Merci Pasalubong for the love gift  and University of St La Salle for having us.

The verdict of the majority?

Aida’s won!

Bottomline. All the three entries were winners, they have their own distinct taste and attributes which may appeal to the varied taste of the eater. The Final verdict will just be according to our individual taste preferences.  But I guess the biggest winner of all is  the people behind   the event. I would like to congratulate  the organizers of the event: Lisel Lo, Tanya Gonzalez, Project Manager-Jeremiah Locsin and their class adviser Ms. Rowena Graciano of the University of St La Salle, Entrepreneurship Department.

Tell us your favorite Chicken Inasal, comment below 🙂

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  1. Just wanted to add that Masskara Chicken Inasal also has decent Sisig. Also, congrats to Aida’s. Definitely something different and delicious about their chicken inasal.

  2. Ooooohhhh those mouthwatering photos of chicken inasals!!!! I haven’t tried any of those three restos mentioned above. Do they have a branch here in Northern Luzon? If so I would love to try them out

  3. Wow Jojo, Tasty! what make me want to try them all

    Plus, of course: Congratulations 🙂

  4. When you say Chicken Inasal, it’s really popular especially the one from Bacolod. Aida’s inasal must be really good!

  5. I think this is something I can enjoy since I love chicken Inasal and this is even better since this is Bacolod’ specialty.

  6. Talking about Chicken Inasal, I think I will be like a happy kid if I can taste them all!

  7. nice event! i haven’t tried chicken inasal from bacolod, looks all yummy!

  8. When I first heard of Inasal, it was the Bacolod Chicken Inasal restaurant. They did have a flavorful chicken which we really loved! Though there is the famous inasal fast food, we still prefer the Bacolod’s one. And I believe no one can beat that flavor!

  9. I am unfamiliar with this particular cuisine but you made me curious and would love to try some should i visit one of these places they serve them.

  10. Congratulations to Aida’s for winning the Chicken Inasal showdown. I hope I can try Aida’s too.

    • @Peach y

      You can actually get authentic Aida’s Inasal in Manila.
      They have a branch at Makati Cinema Square.

      I also prefer Aida’s Inasal. 😀

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