One of the must-try restaurant when in Bacolod City is the new restaurant of  May’s Organic Garden   which  had their soft opening two days ago.

Just 10 minutes drive from Bacolod City downtown area, May’s Organic Garden is located along the highway at Pahanocoy, Bacolod City.

may's garden black rice and salad

Green Salad and the healthy Black Rice

I was surprised that the restaurant was full during lunchtime. Basically, the restaurant is just small, but in case of overflow they have the old restaurant which can accommodate a large number of crowd.

May’s Organic Garden and Restaurant  offers  buffet lunch of their “lutong bahay” style  at PhP 350 or you can just order what you want in the “turo-turo”. The PhP 350 buffet price  already includes a free entrance at the resort.I will be blogging soon about their resort and its services.

may's garden vegetables dishes

L-R: Jackfruit salad, Linutik (Squash) and Laswa ( clear soup made of vegetables freshly picked from their own garden)

As the name of the place implied, everything served in the restaurant is organic. Their vegetables were freshly picked from their garden and they breed these native pigs ensuring that the meat that they serve is also organic. (In my next blog article about May’s Organic Garden I will be showing you their piggery which doesn’t smell like an ordinary piggery – promise.)

pork humba and punaw

Top: Pork Humba , Below:  “Punaw” Shell

Now my food trip.

I did not try anymore any of their salad because Ria Akamatsu, The Resort Manager  served so many food for me. But for the salad they prepared that time  the green lettuce salad and the jackfruit salad. For the soup, they had the “laswa” an  Ilonggo dish made of green leafy vegetables freshly picked from the garden like okra, saluyot, etc.  and the “Punaw” which I guess being called “Halaan” in Tagalog.  I was able to finish a small bowl of “Laswa” and “Punaw” – I can’t help it,  the freshness of their ingredients made it really delicious.

For the rice, they serve the black rice which I also use at home because of its health benefits. For my main dish, I tried first their adobong pusit stuffed with lemongrass which I loved so much.Perhaps due to my excitement of this dish, I was not able to take the picture of it. They also have the usual adobong pusit, but I like more the one that were stuffed with lemon grass. Another dish which for me a real standout from their offering was the native pork humba. Probably because it was naturally grown, the pork is not as fatty   as the regular pork offered in the market.

ornanic chicken and pork barbecue

Top: Organic Native Chicken Adobo, Below: Native Pork Barbecue

 Of course I cannot resist not to try their pork barbecue and their native chicken adobo which taste far more delicious than what we have in the market. Other dishes in their menu which I was not able to try anymore because I was already full were the Linutik (Squash), Ampalaya, and the grilled fish. They also have the achara which is always a good side dish for any grilled dish.


Moringa  Shake

I also love this moringa shake. I  learned that they were not using any milk in any of their  shakes. For the moringga shake, they used fresh pineapple to balance the taste of moringga and they use honey instead of regular sugar.

May'sgarden Coffee and potatoe toron

Top: Organic Coffee served with Organic Piaya, Below: Potatoe Turon with Honey

For dessert, they gave me the Toron which I thought at first as Banana Toron. But, I was surprised it has mashed potato and honey inside – really yummy!

Well, I am a coffee drinker, so after the very filling lunch I had to try their organic coffee served with a piece of organic piaya – I told you, everything is organic.batchoy and guyabano shake

My afternoon snacks: Guyabano Shake and Batchoy

After my sumptuous lunch, Ria Akamatsu needs to attend the newly arrived guests. I took that moment to walk in the garden and took some photos ( I will be sharing it with you in my next post).But since the entire place is 6.2 hectares I was not able to finish walking until Ria found me and gave me a tour riding a golf cart. As soon as we were about to end our tour, a friend Femmy whom we invited earlier to join us arrived. So we went back to the restaurant  to have our afternoon snacks. Honestly, I was still full even if that was already 3 in the afternoon. But of course, I cannot say no to their fresh fruit shake and Ria insisted that we must try their batchoy which also tasted good.


Your truly with Ria Akamatsu atop the main Pavillion

happy trip at may's organic garden

L-R: Ria Akamatsu, Femmy Magbanua and yours truly

Apart from the good food that I indulge that time and the beautiful sight of the garden, it was the good conversation amongst friends that I enjoyed the most. In fact, I didn;t noticed that it was already 5 in the afternoon and I spend literally 5 hours in that place.

More on May’s Organic Garden and Restaurant in my next post.

May’s Organic Garden and Restaurant is open daily from 8am-5pm. Soon they will open the restaurant until dinner time. For more information please call: (034) 431 3800

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  1. Everything looks good but I’ve got my eye on the humba!

  2. I love all the food and trip you wrote here. More please!!

  3. That’s a resto we should try when we visit Bacolod City. Everything looks delicious and very healthy, too, plus the price of their buffet is so affordable.

  4. P350 buffet plus entrance to the resort is a good deal. They have really good lutong bahay type of food here.

  5. Im just recently become a fan of organic food. I would love to try their food minus the meat .

  6. My wife loves anything organic. So sure she will have an organic veggies for lunch. How I wish to visit Bacolod and to find out myself kung gaano kasarap ang mga foodies sa itaas.

  7. Wow, I love organic ingredients. I just wish they weren’t so expensive over here. The food they served you looks really appetizing.

  8. Wow! My parents are going to Bacolod next week. How timely! I will suggest this place to them. I hope they could also bring me home some food. Hehe everything looks delicious. 🙂

  9. I recently had the chance to cook an entire basket of organic veggies, and they really do taste better. Same goes for eggs. So I can just imagine how delicious the food at this restaurant must be! Yum, yum!

  10. Nothing beats organic goodies. Those looks super tasty and healthy, now I am hungry!

  11. Elizabeth O. (Esme Sy)

    I’m curious about how everything tastes. You must have had a great time with your family.

  12. The place looks really good. The dishes served are rather interesting but I do agree that the prices are very affordable. Will definitely check it out when I am there 🙂

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