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Here’s your complete Bacolod City Travel Guide. Bacolod City is the capital of the province of Negros Occidental which can be found   the central part of the Philippines .

In 2008, Bacolod topped a survey by MoneySense Magazine as the “Best Place to Live in the Philippines”.This is manifested with the  mushrooming  of residential developments all over the city. These developments include the opening of Forbes Hill, a 15-hectare luxury Village and  the “first” upscale village in the “first” Live-Work-Play township in Negros Occidental.

Bacolod first flyover

Bacolod  City’s first flyover

Bacolod City is the Philippines’ third fastest growing economy in terms of information technology (IT) and business process outsourcing (BPO) activities. The city has also been declared by the Department of Science and Technology as a “center of excellence” for information technology and business process management operations. It also recommended as the best location in the Visayas for BPO activities by the Business Processing Association of the Philippines (BPAP). To strengthen this claim, Bacolod ranked 3rd among the top ten “Next Wave Cities” of the Philippines for the best location for BPO and offshoring according to a 2010 report of the Commission on Information and Communications Technology. In 2013, the city was declared a “center of excellence” for IT-business process management operations by the DOST, joining the ranks of Metro Manila, Metro Cebu, and Metro Clark.



Bacolod City has developed into a highly urbanized city in 1984and was named one of the “Outstanding Cities of the Philippines”.  It was also adjudged the “Cleanest and Greenest Highly Urbanized City” in the country in 1997, 1998 and 2000, 2001, respectively.

Salomon Xtrail run

For outdoor buddies, Bacolod City  offers the  various outdoor activities like football, tennis, mountain climbing and biking and its biggest attraction-golf.

Click here  for  some Tips  to remember when visiting Bacolod City:

Bacoladiat Festival

What to Experience

Bacolaodiat Festival: A Chinese New Year celebrations in Bacolod City and led by the   Filipino-Chinese community in Bacolod. This is normally held in the Provincial Lagoon. Bacolaodiat is derived from the words “Bacolod” and “Laodiat”; a Hokkien word for “Sinadya” in Hiligaynon, meaning “Celebration”.

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Bacolaodiat Festival

Panaad sa Negros: Held every April in Bacolod, is considered as the “mother of festivals” in the province of Negros Occidental. It represents the happy nature of every Negrense.The province of Negros Occidental constructed the Panaad park and Stadium in Brgy. Mansilingan which is home to the Panaad Festival.


Masskara Festival

Masskara Festival : A big annual Mardi Gras-like event celebrated every  October. Each of the city’s barangays (districts) joins the fierce competition for the best-costumed group, best in choreography etc. Lots of food and handicraft stalls, street dancing, Electric Masskara  and an Oktoberfest-like event at Lacson Strip. The word “Masskara” is a portmanteau, coined by the late artist Ely Santiago from mass (a multitude of people), and the Spanish word Kara (face), thus forming MassKara (a multitude of faces). Click below various posts about Masskara Festival:

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Handicrafts by Jojo Vito Designs Gallery, these are also available at the Negros Showroom

Where to Buy for Pasalubong

  • The ANP Negros Showroom is a one-stop shop selling  export-quality products showcasing negrense Culture and craftsmanships  such as furniture, fashion and garments  gifts and decorative items, food, natural and organics. The Negros Showroom has two branches: Lacson and Central City Walk, Robinson Place.
  • Central Market at the downtown area also displays native products, textiles, native delicacies and fresh fruits.
  • Jojo Vito Designs Gallery offers the largest collection masks, gifts and decors, souvenir items and many more.It also offers some interactive such mask painting among others.

Lamps by Hacienda Crafts at the Negros Showroom

Masks by Jojo Vito are also available at the Negros Show and Jojo Vito Designs Gallery

Read about Jojo Vito Designs Gallery

l fisher 6

Read here – Enjoy International Cuisines at  Fisher Hotel

Visit this seafood destination while in Bacolod City – 18th St. Palapala

Where to Eat

Bacolod is also known for good food. Various restaurants in the city offer International cuisines. But of course, home grown restaurants offering best local dishes flourished around the area.

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The Inns by the Orientals is a boutique hotel located at the downtown area of Bacolod City

Where to Stay

Various accommodations in Bacolod City ranges from first class hotels to  budget friendly pension houses.

Click here for the List of Hotels in Bacolod City

Chalet, L Fisher Hotel

How to Get Around

Transportation within the city and to adjacent towns is by taxi, jeepney, bus. Cars for rent are also available for travel especially for out of towns are the most convenient.

Where to exchange?

Money exchangers lurk around the streets of Downtown Bacolod (CBD) and are easy to spot if you walk into those streets some of them will yell “Dollar exchange!” or they’d come forward and ask you, you can spot some major money exchangers with their self-owned stalls. If you don’t feel safe in exchanging with money exchangers, you can either go to pawnshops or banks for an alternative and safer option.

a reduced IMG_6466

 How to Get There

 By Air. The Bacolod-Silay International Airport, located in  Silay City, is 15 kilometers northeast from Bacolod. Bacolod is 1 hour by air from Manila, 30 minutes by air from Cebu, 1 hour by air from Cagayan de Oro and 1 hour and 10 minutes by air from Davao City.

For arriving passengers who want supplemental guides to the city or free maps, Department of Tourism and the Local Government has a desk in the arrivals area where you can grab free maps or have a dose of information from the people over the desk. Hotels, resorts, and car rental companies have kiosks in the arrival areas where you can easily book a room and just head to your hotel room without any hassle.

There are vans leaving for the airport at SM City Bacolod, Bacolod Provincial Hospital, Old Bacolod Airport and Victoria Arcade/Lopue’s East/SaveMore Supermarket, the regular fare per person is ₱100/150. It is not suggested to take a taxi to the airport, it will just cost more than the regular fare vans offer.

a IMG_6992

Superferry is now called To Go Travel

 By Sea.Banago Wharf and BREDCO Port are the vessels entry point in Bacolod. It has daily access to Iloilo, with different shipping lines such as 2GO Travel (as relaunched in 2012), Weesam Express, Ocean Jet, Montenegro Lines, Jomalia Shipping and Tri-Star mega link. There were also access routes to Puerto Princesa City via Iloilo City, Cagayan de Oro City, General Santos City, Zamboanga City, Cotabato City, Butuan City via Cagayan de Oro route, Dipolog City, Iligan City, Ozamiz City, and Surigao City via Cagayan de Oro route. As of 2012 to the present, SuperFerry and Negros Navigation was relaunched into 2GO Travel routes from Bacolod going Manila, Iloilo and Cagayan de Oro. Bacolod City is 18–23 hours from the Port of Manila, 2-3hrs from Dumangas Port and 45 minutes-1hr from the Port of Iloilo.Bacolod Seaport or Bredco Port serves inter-regional trips from major destinations such Manila and Iloilo. Iloilo seaport is just 45 minutes from Bacolod and is one of the easiest to access because every hour there’s a trip.Cagayan De Oro City, Manila, Zamboanga City, routes are available. By 2Go travel serve routes to and from these cities.

a IMG_6931

By land-RORO-land.  Bacolod City is approximately 3 hours from Iloilo City via Dumangas route while, by land-ferry, Bacolod is approximately 45 minutes to an hour directly from Iloilo City. By land-ferry-land, Bacolod City is approximately 4 hours and 30 minutes from Cebu City via Toledo-San Carlos City-Salvador Benedicto-Murcia route while it takes approximately 6 hours by land-RORO-land via the same route. By land-RORO-land, Bacolod is approximately 7 hours and 30 minutes from Cebu City via Tabuelan-Escalante City, Toledo-Escalante City, and Toledo-San Carlos City-Canlaon City routes. Bacolod City to Dumaguete City via Mabinay route is approximately 6 hours while via Cadiz City-San Carlos City route takes approximately 8 hours, both routes going Negros Oriental.



The Ruins, one of the tourist attraction in Bacolod City

Click here to know more about The Ruins
Hi-Residences Condominiums, East Bacolod

Hi-Residences Condominiums, East Bacolod


Campuestohan Highland Resort

Read here know more about Campuestohan Highland Resort

Read here Ryan Bang and Chiff Caligdong paint their masks at Jojo Vito Designs Gallery

lakawon 1

Read here Side Trip at Lakawon Beach Resort

Don’t leave Bacolod  without trying the Chicken Inasal. There are various restaurants offering authentic bacolod Chicken Inasal such as Chicken Haus, Chicken Deli, Chicken Masskara, Aidas and many more

Good homegrown restaurants abounds in Bacolod City. You can try: Imay’s, Aboy’s, Ading’s Palapala, 18th St. Palapala, Rau Ram Cafe, Bob’s, and many more.

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Native delicacies when in Bacolod City? Visit Quan Delicacies. Read here Try  Quan’s Native Delicacies

For your pasalubong try Merzci. They have various outlets all over Bacolod, airport and seaport.

One of the oldest maker of Bacolod Piaya, The Sugarlandia Barquillos. It’s worth the try!

Enjoy partying while in Bacolod

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  1. Upon arrival at the Bacolod seaport, what means of transportation are available for travellers who just disembarked from fastcrafts from Iloilo City? Are there jeepneys or taxi terminals there where they can find a ride into the city?

  2. How do you go to the Silay heritage houses if you came from the airport? Thanks!

  3. hi sir vito this is richard hao from cebu city. i am arriving in bacolod then i am planning to proceed to manila by 2go how much is the estimated ticket ok ty much. if you have any idea for acheaper cost in going to manila from bacolod pls let me know asap i am on a tight budget ty much

    • Hi Richard, The ticket on a Tourist Class would also cost you a little less than 2k. There is also a Ceres bus going to Manila, I haven’t tried it yet, but I heard it would take 3 days for you to arrive manila, ticket is around 1,600.00

  4. is there a jeep from negros showroom to the ruins?

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    • yes they are , as a foreigner living here in bacolod , there is so much to do , it is definitely the city os smiles ,,,, been here for 5 years and have enjoyed every min of it

  8. This is one of the beautiful place here in the philippines, I’ve been there for a weeks for a vacation and its really fun,

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