Cambugahay Falls is one of my most favorite places in Siquijor.   It is one of the many precious waterfalls in the Island  wherein a large trade of tourist enjoys its fascinating atmosphere. Even locals within the island, enjoy spending their time in the mystical waterfall together with their kins. The Falls  can be reached via 135 steps going down.

cambugahay falls 2

The 2nd tier of the 3 tiers of Cambugahay Falls in Siquijor

Cambugahay Falls  is a 3-tiered waterfall.  with crisp and clean warm water originating from natural springs. Water from the Cambugahay Falls flows down about three kilometers downstream making numerous wonderful swimming lagoons before it discharges into the Lazi Bay.

At the first level, you will see one feature of the place which was an  improvised swing. The locals  called it the “Tarzan swing”  and you could use it for free. In that location were some locals assisting people to do the swing, hence it won’t actually hurt  if you make a few bucks to these guys for their endeavor.

It was very enticing to swim, but then again, I came unprepared. The lowest tier is where most tourists swim. It’s the biggest and probably the deepest as well.

cambugahay falls 3

The Top Tier. Many tourists  jump from the top of the falls since the base is deep enough. Make sure you ask your guide where to jump.

Cambugahay falls don’t  have a spectacular drop, but  it’s wide, giving it a different charm. The water was so clear and the pools were deep – excellent for swimming.

I spent less than an hour in the place because I was already hungry. But I enjoyed taking photos of the place.

Visitors are required to pay a PHP 25.00 parking fee for the vehicle but there was no entrance fee in the falls. I don’t if it is really required, but  a guide/lifeguard  is available in the place. Since I was alone, I opted for a guide which was good because he also served as my photographer. Getting a guide will also help the locals with their livelihood. And while they don’t  have a fixed rate, I decided to give PHP 150. Besides, I didn’t stay long in the place.

There was no restaurant in the place but there are vendors selling drinks. If you wish to stay longer, It would be great to bring some food.

cambugahay falls

Resting at the steps…


Siquijor is basically a small island and reaching the place is not a problem. Nonetheless, I recommend  for every traveler to start  an island coastal tour  for only P1, 000.00 (tricycle). The tour will take you to all the destinations in the island Including the Cambugahay Falls. The tricycle can accommodate up to 5-6 passengers depending on your sizes.



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  4. Melissa Bernardo

    This place looks magnificent! I’d love to visit someday!

  5. What a lovely place! Hope we can visit it soon. So calming and relaxing ambiance. Love it!

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    Lovely photos!

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  21. Lawrence Hamilton

    The falls is beautiful. That Tarzan swing looks awesome as hell and being honest, I wish I was doing that now. Question: Is there a Zipline setup in Cambugahay Falls?

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    That is amazing. I have never seen a waterfall like that before.

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