Siquijor Island also known as the Mystical Island is an ideal place for tourists and vacationists. The serene Siquijor is blessed with   scenic beauty, archaic churches, and  natural  attractions. The minute I landed at the port of Siquijor, I already fell in love with  its unspoiled environment and the warm hospitality of its people.


Salagdoong Beach Resort at Siquijor Island

Siquijor is a small island in Visayas, Philippines. You can experience a   coastal tour of the island in just one daytime. Legend tells that Siquijor rose from the ocean during a tremendous thunderstorm cited as evidence is fossils and shells which can even be found in Mount Bandila-an, Siquijor’s highest point. While the coastline is mostly white sand beaches,   the interior of the Island is mountainous.


Siquijor Island: Guiwanon Spring Park

The whole island of Siquijor was declared a marine reserve and tourist zone in 1978 by virtue of Proclamation No. 1810. No wonder why many  nature lovers and adventurers were enticed to explore its numerous caves, springs, and rivers, and to climb up Mount Bandilaan, the highest peak at the center of the island.  For tourists who simply want to lay back and relax like me, the island provides a long stretch of beautiful white sand beaches.


the port at Siquijor island serving Dumaguete – Siquijor


There are two ferry terminals on the westward side of the island: Siquijor town and Larena. At the end of the pier of each, you’ll find waiting for touts and tricycles.

There are several passenger boats daily from Dumaguete to Siquijor Island town  and some larger Roro boats   There are also several boats a week between Tagbilaran on Bohol and Larena. I advise you get hold of the Roro because it’s more stable.

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Siquijor is a tourist friendly place, they offer a wide array of selection of places to stay even for  budget travelers. While it would be nice to book your hotel in advance, it is relatively easy to get a home to rest while on the Island. The minute you get in at the port, you can take a tricycle to take you to different resorts and they will wait for you while choosing your hotel.



One Sunset View Hotel


There are many things that one can  do at Siquijor even just for a day trip. Apart from enjoying the beaches, you can ride a tricycle to see the beautiful tourist spots of the Island. For those who love historical places, you can visit the old churches of the island which tells amazing stories of the past.These places are also for free, very ideal for budget travelers.  You can also do the Tarzan jump at Cambugahay Falls, and much more.



Rent a Motorbike. It is possible to rent a motorbike for 280- 350PHP/day (gas not included)  from either pier or in some shops near hotels.  Before hiring, check if helmets are included   and if price per day means 24 hours or i.e. 8AM to 6PM (some resorts require you to return the motorbike before sunset). You won’t bear to leave your passport with the tenant, they accept even just an Identification Card.

Hire a tricycle. The most popular and budget friendly way of transit around the island is the tricycle. Tricycles are now using a tariff system with fixed prices for tourists. They appeared  much more expensive than on other islands. But what is good about this fixed tariff is that any tourist won’t feel that they were taken advantage with the fare.

Start on a Jeepney. While it would take time for you to get to your destination, jeepneys  (not very frequent) run between the principal towns along the island.

Van Rentals. For bigger groups, van rentals are available right at the seaports. They also have a fixed tariff for this.


Calipay  Spring  Park

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Siquijor island: Enchanted Balete Tree and Fish Spa


The Biggest Old  Convent in the Philippines

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  1. Great post. I recently visited Siquijor and indeed this place is a paradise. If you want to relax and have some time alone, try visiting Siquijor. I’d also like to ad on your post that there is now an online booking store where you can book a motorbike or scooter ahead before going to this small island. At least you are sure that you have something to use to tour around when you visit Siquijor.

  2. Magnificent Photos! I am totally convinced now to go there with my friends! Is Calipay Spring Park a hot or cold spring? Does it feel like you are surrounded by nature like the ones at Hidden Valley Laguna? Hope to enjoy my trip here soon! Thanks bro!

    • Thanks Ryan, I have not been to Laguna yet. But it’s in my bucket list 🙂 Yes, the spring is cold 🙂

    • calipay spring is a cold spring,the good news is thats free,yes there is no registration to pay and you will enjoy the calipay spring. on the top of the hill is the san juan parish church

  3. This island looks amazing! I would love to vacation there!

  4. Siquijor Island looks like an amazing place for a vacation. These are amazing photos the water is so beautiful.

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    I would visit.
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  10. I’m definitely convinced to go now. What a beautiful location, and your photos are lovely!

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  12. Great photos! Everything is so beautiful and inviting. Siquijor Island is definitely a bucket list item!!

  13. The beach is breathtaking. I need to add Siquijor to my travel list.

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  19. I love that little hidden beach front, the Salagdoong Beach! It looks so cozy and less crowded. Thanks for sharing all these awesome places to go to in Siquijor!

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  27. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    That sounds like a lovely place to visit. I would love to go there someday.

  28. I’ve been to Siquijor three years ago and I must say that this island had an enchanting effect to me… in a good way of course! Can’t wait to go back in Siquijor! 😀

  29. Siquijor is really beautiful especially its falls and beaches. It would be nice to visit Siquijor and enjoy nature.

  30. this is one of my dream places to visit.. hopefully i’ll get a chance to travel that far soon.. but what i like to visit here the most is the Lazi Church ^_^

  31. Wow Siquijor is such a beauty. Been dream to travel the country a lot and visit places like this one.

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