Samal Island, Davao


Because of the countless inquiries regarding my trip to Samal Island, Davao, I decided to come up with this “Samal Island Davao Travel Guide.”

This post aimed at helping any traveler who would want to visit or stay in Samal Island, Davao.

maxima aqua fun

giant slide at Maxima Aqua Fun, Samal Island, Davao

The official name of Samal Island is the Island Garden City of Samal. Samal is a city in the province of Davao del Norte, Davao Region, Philippines. Samal Island is made up of Samal Island and the smaller Talikud Island in the Davao Gulf, making it a part of Mindanao Island group.

Samal  Island, Davao is just two kilometers away, which is just around 10 to 15 minutes sea ride from Davao City. This is also one of the major reasons why each time I visit Davao City, I would normally take a side trip to this lovely Island.

The Island Garden City of Samal is the largest resort city in the Philippines. It has lovely beaches dotting the island’s shores, hills are dominating the middle portions of the island. Talikud Island is located southwest of the main island. Samal Island is one of the most tourist destination in the country with many beach resorts ready to serve any willing tourist. Samal Island, Davao has also plenty marine reefs, tempting waters and tourist attractions that would be of interest to any tourists.

Samal Island, Davao

at view of Samal Island ,Davao from the ferry boat

Getting Around Samal Island, Davao

The modes of transportation on the island are tricycles or trikes and for those staying in big resorts, they have bus and private car services. For backpackers and budget travelers, Habal-habal is the most convenient one. One motorbike or Habal-habal (motorcycle) can take 2 passengers. It would be great to agree first on the rate before engaging on any trip to Samal Island.

Vanishing Island in Barangay Tambo, Samal Island , Davao

What to Do in Samal Island, Davao

Samal Island offers a wide array of activities which will surely excite any tourist.  In a nutshell, you can think of the following things before the visiting Samal Island, Davao:

  1. Try the gigantic slides which are 130 meters long and consist of two serpentine flume rides that drop 30 meters from tip to underside of the Bluejaz Beach Resort and Water Park.
  2. Experience an adrenaline rush with the giant tarpaulin slide of Maxima Resort Aqua Fun which will bring you down into the sea.
  3. Laze around all day at the luxurious Pearl Farm Beach Resort.
  4. Enjoy the challenges of windsurfing, water polo, jet-skiing, water-skiing, banana boat rides, scuba diving, sea kayaking, Hobie Cat, surfing, and even underwater photography offered by some big resort like Pearl Farm beach Resort.
  5. Take hold of a free fall in the natural swimming pools of Hagimit Falls.
  6. Go spelunking at Balete , Mangongawong or Baga caves.
  7. Go mountain climbing at Mt. Puting Bato with an elevation of approximately 1,362 feet above sea level.
  8. Rent an ATV at the Hagimit Falls.
  9. Take a dip at the Vanishing Island in Barangay Tambo before it disappears when the tide gets high.
  10. See for yourself the more than two million bats living inside the Monfort Bats Conservation Park.
  11. Get to experience a piece of Philippine history in the  Japanese Cave House.
  12. Dive at the 150 hectares of Coral Garden and Marine Reservation Park on the island.

These are just a few of the numerous things that you can do in Samal Island, Davao.

ATV for rent at Hagimit Falls

Travel Tips for People Visiting Samal Island

  • If you are visiting just for a day trip, make sure to pack light. Habal habal is the best way to navigate the Island.So give yourself a favor by bringing only the essentials.
  • Most destinations offer food and drinks, no need to bring those bulky canisters.
  • Don’t forget to bring enough sunscreen.
  • Samal has beautiful beaches, don;t forget to bring your favorite swimwear.
  • Your camera with extra memory card will be your best gadget while exploring this beautiful Island.
  • Do bring your medicines.
  • Make yourself reachable when navigating the island with your mobile phone.

Where to Stay in Samal Island, Davao

The Island of Samal offers a wide array of resort selection to choose from. You can choose amongst these resorts depending on your budget.Click here for the List of Resorts in Samal.


Pearl Farm Beach Resort, Island of Samal

How to get to Samal Island, Davao

For Foreign Visitors, you can fly directly to Davao City International Airport. Or if you’re entering the Philippines via its capital city of Manila or other major cities in the country, just take a domestic flight to Davao City. The domestic flight to Davao City from Manila is by major airlines with a combined frequency of fourteen (14) flights daily.

Island Garden City of Samal launch pad is in Davao city, approximately 45 minutes away by motorboat. You can go to Sta. Ana Wharf and Km 11 Wharf in Davao where there are small boats and even a ferry (if you are taking your automobile). If you will be staying in one of the big resorts such as Pearl Farm, they can bring a  separate motorboat for you.

For budget travelers, Davao City can also be reached by sea through Ferry from Manila or Cebu. Land trip to Davao from Manila is also available via Bicol, but it is going to be a very long journey.

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Samal Island, Davao

at the Hagimit Falls

people enjoying the cool waters at Hagimit Falls

gigantic slides at Bluejaz Beach Resort and Water Park

Mt. Puting Bato, the highest peak in the Island of Samal

Samal Island, Davao

a closer look at the bats of Monfort Bat Sanctuary

thousand of fruits bats at Monfort Bat Sanctuary

The Giant Slide at Maxima Aqua Fun

The author resting at the water after experiencing the giant slide at Maxima Aqua Fun

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