SIARGAO SURFING. By Mclovin’tosh (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons


Finding the best surfing to go to if you are in the Philippines? You can never go wrong if you are to visit the country’s highly-touted surfing capital, Siargao Island, in Surigao Del Norte.

But when you think that it’s only true to the locals who hailed it as the best across the country, international institutions such as the CNN recognized Siargao Island—specifically it’s “Cloud 9” region—as among the top 10 best surfing spots all over the world, bested only by 8 others.

Able to consistently provide decent waves year-round which makes it a hub for surfing enthusiasts and professionals alike, Siargao’s surrounding beaches are at their peak in producing high waves averaging 7 feet in height during the months of September/October up to March of the following year.

The place was so popular among surfers especially Cloud 9 during peak season, locals often label the same area as “Crowd 9,” hinting how crowded the area can be at times with thrill-seeking surfers. With little to no competition in neighboring areas apart from their equally beautiful beaches, the idea that Cloud 9 getting overcrowded is perhaps expected rather than surprising.

Popular to both foreigners and locals from other parts of the country like in Manila, getting to Siargao Island is a trip by plane or by boat, in addition to a further land transfer, depending on where you are coming from.


SIARGAO SURFING. By Jon Sullivan [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Business for Surfers

Thriving with businesses centered towards surfers, there are establishments within the region that offer rentals of surfboards. The selection may not be at par with the greatest surfboards elsewhere but places like the Fat Lips Surf Shop offer decent choices to choose from.

While you can choose to carry with you your rented stuff and walk a rather long way to your intended destination, renting a ride for $8 a day is a more convenient option especially if you are already too excited to check out the famed waves.

To get to the offshore waves, however, a boat transfer is required via the so-called “bangka,” a local outrigger boat, which costs $5 per person. This is a 2-way travel, however. Meaning, the “captain” of the boat will be there to stay until such time his passengers are done surfing in the area.

When you think that this so-called “captains” of their own bangka are seasoned sailors of the seas as reflected by their age, you would be surprised to see that they can also be as young as a teen, yet are experienced enough to be in their trade.


Stan Shebs [GFDL (, CC BY-SA 3.0 ( or CC BY-SA 2.5 (], via Wikimedia Commons

How to get to Siargao Island

Whether you are coming from the country’s capital region or that of the closer region of Cebu, getting to this tropical island in the further south-eastern region of the country is only possible in one of two ways: direct flight by plane or via a ferry boat.

The easiest and most comfortable way of getting to Siargao is to fly direct from Manila or Cebu International Airport.

Another route to reach Siargao is to fly from Manila to Surigao after which you will take a boat to reach Siargao.This route might be a bit cheaper but might consume your most of your time.

Landing into the island by plane or dropping off by boat, it takes another 40 minutes of land travel to actually get to the town of General Luna, a gateway to the surfing beaches of Siargao Island.


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