1. It looks wonderful. I am planning a trip to Philippines within the next 3 years, this was very helpful. Thank you

  2. The Philippines look so beautiful. I have some relatives from there. I have to get them to take me one of these….great post and great pictures!

  3. I haven’t been back to the Philippines since I was a kid, but this is a great recap of this city! Thanks for sharing all of this info!

  4. I love reading your articles. While I do not have the opportunity to travel anymore it is something that my heart desires. My home is even decorated in a travel / world culture theme.
    Your articles are so specific and really get into detail on specific locations in various places in the world.
    Just like in the USA where I am from things can be very different from city to city within the same state.
    I love how your blog takes me directly into the heart of a specific location.
    I get my virtual travel through you!

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