One of the best parts of my job being a professional trainer is the opportunity of travel while getting paid. Not only that, It complemented well with my other job of being a blogger. One of my latest out of town project was a Teambuilding and Stress Management Workshop for the entire officers and employees of the Department of Trade and Industry- Region 6, Philippines. This was my second training engagement with this agency. And for this year, the venue was Boracay, Philippines.

My training engagement was only 2 days, but I stayed on the Island for 6 nights and 7 days.

I will be sharing with you basic information which includes my Itinerary and budget to help those who are planning to visit this one of the famous destinations in the world.


By Plane. The nearest airport in Boracay is the Kalibo Airport. Regular trips from Manila to Kalibo is available daily. From Kalibo Airport, take the bus going to Caticlan Jetty Port for an approximately an hour and 30 minutes.

By Ship. There are also Ferries from Manila to Caticlan or Dumaguit, near Kalibo. The trip to Boracay though will take 17 hours.

From Manila to Caticlan MBRS Shipping Lines have two boats plying the route. 2Go Travel service Manila to Dumaguit route.

By Land.  Air-conditioned buses also passing Caticlan with routes of Batangas, Luzon, to Cagayan de Oro.

Jetty Port at Caticlan to Boracay Island.  From the Port take a motorized outrigger boat for around 20 to 25 minutes.


  • Boracay has various eateries wherein you can eat on a budget.
  • Instead of chartering the entire trike, just ride with other passengers to save on fares.
  • Convenience stores abound in the place. There’s even a Mall wherein you can do your grocery and simply cook in your hostel if they have the facility.
  • Moneychangers can be found on the Island, so there’s no problem with your dollars.
  • Sunscreen is a must, but they can be found anywhere in the Island.


I have listed in this link numerous hotels and places to stay.

Please click here for the List of Hotels and Resorts in Boracay.

During my recent visit, I stayed in 3 places which you might want to try as well.


The Cool Stay Inn is located at Zone 5-A, Bulabog St(near Iglesia ni Cristo Church) Barangay Balabag, Malay, Aklan. From Jetty Port, I simply took a trike (special trip) going to the place at PHP 150.00.

I stayed in this hotel for 2 nights. The place is a budget hotel which caters mostly backpackers and groups. Since I am alone I took their standard room at PHP 1,500.00/night. The place was okay. It is airconditioned, with a kitchen complete with amenities for you to cook your food. It even has a refrigerator. I didn’t  use these things anyway as I am always out. But if you are coming as a group, the place  can already accommodate 6 persons. The PHP 1,500 is good for two. But for the group of 6, it is pegged at PHP 3,500.00. You need to take a trike or a motorbike to get to the beach from the hotel.


  • Cheap place
  • Has a small kitchen
  • They have free WIFI


  • Quite far from the beach
  • You need to go out of the room at 11:00 for check out
  • Beddings are not of hotel standards

Contact Details:
Website: www.coolstayinn-boracay.com
Email: coolstayinn@yahoo.com
Telephone Numbers: 0998-464-9442 | 0942-068-4770 | 0917-682-6883 | 036-390-0638


I stayed at La Carmela de Boracay for 2 nights as well. The hotel is at the beach front and it is really big catering to thousands of guests every day. This is where we had our teambuilding and my stay here was paid by my client.

I was a bit surprised by the rates of this hotel. With their amenities, I found their prices cheap. My client gave a standard room with 2 double sized beds and can accommodate four persons. The room was only pegged at PHP 3,700 ( 4,100 during super peak season).


  • Cheap Rate for a beachfront hotel
  • Hotel Amenities with Security Guards


  • WIFI is only in the lobby and you need to pay for an extra of PHP 100 (24 hours)  if you want to have WIFI in your room
  • Service is quite poor. Most of their staff are practicum students. At times to need to call the front office several times for some requests like toilet paper, soap, etc.
  • Their pillows are not of standard size and quite hard. Not the usual hotel pillows.
  • Some staff were not willing to go an extra mile to serve their guests
  • They are a bit not flexible with their rules

Contact Details:
Website: www.lacarmeladeboracay.com
Email: lcdboracaymail@gmail.com
Telephone Numbers: 036-288-6974 | 036-288-4376


The Shambala Terraces is just a perfect place to unwind after busy and active activities at the beach. The place has seven apartments to choose from fully furnished with nice amenities and fixtures even better from some of the hotels in Boracay.Staying here is like having a home on the island as it has modern room entertainment systems, nice kitchen with appliances and basic cookware which you can use to prepare for your meals.

And yes, while staying in your apartment, you can enjoy the beautiful vista of the Island and witness the beautiful sunset late in the afternoon.

Their prices are changing, but I guess their apartment never go beyond PHP 8,000. almost all of their apartments has 2 airconditioned bedrooms with Queen and King sizes beds, living room with couches, a veranda and beautiful restrooms with bath tubs. You can even stay there even if you are a group of 10 or 15 at no extra cost (you just have to content of the amenities provided).

So if you are traveling as a family or group, the place is really perfect. Not only that, If you are on a honeymoon and would want a more private place, the place is more than perfect.

Watch out for my review of this place.

Contact Details:
Address: Sitio Hagdan , Building 299, Barangay Boracay Hwy Central, Malay, Aklan
Phone: (036) 288 9999
Website: https://www.shambalaboracay.com/
Email: info@shambalaboracay.com


Bacolod to Iloilo via Ocean Jet

  • Fare: PHP 250.00Terminal fee
  • Terminal Fee: PHP 15.00 (Travel time is 1 hr)

Note: From Iloilo Port Terminal some vans offers a direct trip to Caticlan.You will be riding then a van at a faster speed but a bit higher rate than the Ceres Bus. However, I seemed to feel that this trip would be quite tiring as the leg room in the van is quite small. So I decided to take the Ceres Bus.

Taxi from Iloilo Port to Ceres terminal in Kamalig, Jaro, Iloilo

  • Fare: PHP 65.00

Iloilo (Ceres terminal, Jaro, Iloilo) to Caticlan

  • Fare: PHP 377.00 (Travel time is 6 hours but there are shortstops for leg stretching and lunch.)

Jetty Port in Caticlan to Boracay. From this terminal, you need to get three (3) tickets to get to Boracay.

  • Environmental Fee PHP 75
  • Terminal Fee – PHP 100
  • Fare for Motorized Outrigger Boats PHP 25 (30 during nighttime)

From Boracay Port to Hotel (Cozzy Stay Inn)

  • Tricycle PHP 150
  • Cozzy Stay Inn (1 room) PHP 1,500

I spend my first night in Boracay at Paraw Beach Club one of the first bars to establish on the Island and one of my favorites as well.


Transfer to La Carmela de Boracay

  • Room 3,700

My room was sponsored by DTI Region 6. The standard room they gave me is good for four at the rate stated above and during lean months its only 2,700 and for super peak at 4,100 (holidays, Christmas,etc.)

I spent my day preparing for the seminar and at the same time enjoying the beach.


Teambuilding at the beach and at La Carmela de Boracay Session Hall

We had our dinner at the beach front while being entertained by a singer and Poi Dancers.


Continuation of Teambuilding

Transfer to  Cool Stay Inn

  • Room: PHP 1,500

If I have a companion It would be more practical to stay at La Carmela because the Hotel has a beachfront. However, since I am alone I decided to go back to Cool Stay Inn for practical reasons. Besides, the hotel is right in front of the place when my friend stays.

Chill out at El Mojito in Station 2

Upon learning that I am in Boracay. The owner of El Mojito invited us to sample their best Mojitos. I like the place. I highly recommend this place to lounge or have your dinner under the palm trees at the beachfront with some nice lights entertained by their equally friendly staff. Please watch out for my review of the place and their best Mojitos.

Boracay Pub Crawl

One of the most exciting events in Boracay Island is the Pubcrawl. A moving party on beach participated by various types party goers from all over the world. The gist of Pub Crawl is basically jumping from one bar to another while having fun activities. The “captains” leading the group initiate activities which will surely make any party goers go crazy.

The registration fee for Pubcrawl is PHP 990 which includes their iconic yellow shirt (which you can customize according to your personal style and taste); baller band, shot glass which you will be using to have your free drinks along the way and in every bar you will be visiting.

Watch out for my personal review of Pubcrawl.

For more visit their website:https://www.pubcrawl.ph/



On my fifth day,  we visited the Spiderhouse Resort. The place was just perfect for a lazy lounging and enjoying the sceneries. I was planning to swim at that time but lazy enough to change my outfit so I just spent my stay there enjoying the sight and chatting with some nice guests around.

Went back to Paraw Beach Club for some refreshments.

Check in at Shambala Terraces and started to write articles for my blogs.


Went back to beach to take some pictures

Dine at the beach and enjoyed the rest of the evening at El Mojito



For any traveler going back home could be the most tiring part of the trip. But thanx to the free wifi at Ceres Bus, It made me stay connected for a long 6 hours trip back to Iloilo City.


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  1. Hi Jojo, this is a good tip you gave: “Instead of chartering the entire trike, just ride with other passengers to save on fares”. Most people seem to miss this, especially foreigners.

    Foreigners often feel ripped off when a tricycle asks P150 for a ride. But when you hail a tricycle with people in it you can actually get a ride all along the mainroad for just P10.

    That saves a lot.

  2. whole heartily thank you for giving out valuable information

  3. love how you broke this all down so that those wanting to visit can see what each offers great job

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