The Beauty of the Albay province will not be complete without celebrating their annual festival, the Daragang Magayon Festival. Derived from the legend of Mount Mayon, this yearly celebration aims to honor and celebrate the bounty as well as the beauty of the province of Albay. It is a blend of culture, tradition, and history of the story of a beautiful woman named Daragang Magayon; the story says that right after her death, the Mayon Volcano was created. More than that, the symbolism of everything on it including the floating clouds remain. It is in fact believed to be the spirit of Daragang’s lover. More so, the meaning of the word “Daragang” in the local dialect is “beautiful,” all about the legend of the woman.

The celebration itself is teaming with life as you witness how culture and traditions come to life through varied activities. The highlights of the festival emphasize the beauty of the decorated streets, the sports competitions, and the different display of agricultural products and trades regarding local businesses are also happening. Aside from that, a re-enactment of the tragic love-struck story of Daragang Mayon is also a highlight of the celebration. There are also cooking shows which aim to feature different delicacies being done in the province, and of course, tourists and locals are very excited for this activity.

Cultural events are also on exhibit to fully showcase the history of the place. Along with this are the photo and art exhibits which of course has the overall goal of presenting and promoting the talents of the locals, the Bicolanos. Among all the mentioned joyous activities above, what people are most excited about is the street parade. In this competition, there will be six competing groups coming from the entire province. They will have to come up with an exquisite and multi-talented choreographed presentation to prove that they deserve the title to be the winner. Witness the dynamic moves of each presenting group and make sure to take photos or even videos! The props, costumes, and the actual presentation are jaw-dropping that no one will ever wish to miss. The final trench of the event will happen through the celebration of the Mutya ng Daragang Magayon beauty pageant. This will begin through a parade where all the beauty contestants will have to prove that they deserve the crown and the title as the Mutya ng Daragang Magayon. In the end, the most beautiful, finesse, and intelligent will bring home the crown triumphantly. Indeed, this is an excellent opportunity to see the most beautiful women of the province.

All in all, the Magayon Festival is something that you should not miss in a lifetime. Not only you will get to see the scenic Mount Mayon, but you will also get to know better the stories and the legends associated with it through wonderful performances. This is the perfect opportunity for you to tag along with the entire family and go to a place which caters both entertainment and education.

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