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As a travel blogger, food tasting is always on my list whenever I visit a new place or a restaurant. But with the thousands of food establishments that can be found everywhere, I often found myself looking for comfort food which provides a reminiscing or sentimental value not only to my insatiable gastronomic cravings  but for my soul.

Talking about my own comfort food, I would normally associate this to my individuality as a person or something to do with the culture I grew up with. I go for comfort foods   to relieve me from any negative psychological feelings I am undergoing for  a specific period of time. It could be when I miss my parents, or whenever I am down.

In Bacolod City, there is one place which offers various native delicacies which can surely provide comfort whenever you miss your childhood years, miss your folks or if you would want to reminisce the past. Well, I might be talking so old with these lines. But the truth is whenever I miss my parents I would normally go on a food trip which reminded me of them.

Let me share with you some comfort food I go at Quan Delicacies.

Quan's Arroz Caldo, FOOD TRIP

Quan’s Arroz Caldo

When I was a kid my mother would always prepare Arroz Caldo for me whenever I am sick . I don’t why, but each time I’m down, this hearty snack can simply ease me from any of my longings . Sounds weird? For some maybe, but this why these treats  are called comfort food.



Another specialty which Quan Delicacies offer is this Dinuguan along with their famous puto. I just feel good whenever I indulged in this treat.

Quan Delicacies has numerous offerings which can surely bring back happy memories. The “Ibos” reminds me of my grandmother who does this delicacy so well.



The “puto lanson” of Quan reminds me of my life as a kid on the farm. Cassava was so abundant in our place and this has been our favorite snack item back then.

There are a lot more of food items which I look for in Quan when I am in for any food trip or simply just to relax and unwind. Their food selections are so affordable and will surely not hurt your pocket.

lanson, puto tak-tak, FOOD TRIP


quan , FOOD TRIP

VISIT ANY QUAN  OUTLETS: NORTHDRIVE- (034) 709-0677; 433-9987 # 3 LA SALLE AVENUE, CAPITOLVILLE – (034)-434-6379;432-1074; 708-5055 LOPUE’S DEPARTMENT  STORE-ARANETA-(034) 435-6559 LOPUE’S DEPARTMENT STORE- SAN SEBASTIAN-(034) 435-1113 ROBINSON’S SUPERMARKET -(034) 476-1518 GAISANO CITY – SUPERMarket – (034)  707-8440 LOPUE’S EAST CENTER- (034)-708-9095

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  1. Hi Chole,
    I’ll remember to visit Quan the next time I’m in Bacolod. Your classmate (high school).

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  3. Love these food…looking forward to the Negros Trade Fair to taste these food!

  4. thank you for this, jo……God bless

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