Biri Rock Formations is  included in Top 10 Philippine Gem by Isla Lipana & Co.


Awe-inspiring, marvellous, magnificent…just  a few adjectives one can describe the Rock Formations in Biri island.

For me, Biri Island is the most interesting town in  Northern Samar. It is known for its splendid rock formations carved thru time due to ferocious waves of the San Bernardino Strait that lap up the eastern portion of its shore.


 I have never seen a beautiful rock formation such as this before.The picturesque Biri  Rock Formation is composed of seven gigantic limestone rocks, showcasing itself as an awe-inspiring natural wonder with unique carved forms.The Biri Rock Formation has been depicted as a consequence of the “battle of the gods” since pounding winds, tectonic plate movements, raging storms,  and ruthless waves crashing against the rocks created its magnificent beauty.

What makes Biri Rock Formation an even more interesting natural attraction are the surrounding white-sand beach, a lush mangrove forest with dwarf mangroves and open waters through which I can see live sea urchins,  and other sea living creatures living along a  healthy seagrass bed.

It was quite a challenge to even get there. From Catarman we took the jeepney; then ride the Bangka and habal-habal. Tiring indeed! Only the astonishing sight of Biri Rock Formation took away all the pains in my legs.

For an outdoor buddy, Biri’s  rocky landscape leaves the huge potential for exploration.  At that place are hundreds of spots and thousands of routes waiting for the courageous climber. Biri Rock Formation has been a favored spot for surfing, diving, and mangrove tour. Berry Rock Formation is also a favored destination for photography enthusiasts, and picnickers, especially during summer when the weather is good and the sea is tranquil. In fact, during our visit, we spotted 2 groups doing some photo shoots.


Click here to see different faces of Biri Rock Formation


The Island became very popular when some of the scenes of the romantic movie entitled “Iisa Pa Lamang” starred by Richard Gomez, Dawn Zulueta, and Maricel Laxa were taken shot on the Island.  If you have seen the 2003 Spirit Warriors Movie by Chito S. Roño with stars   Vhong Navarro, Jhong Hilario and Danilo Barrios, most scenes were also taken with the place.

If you are into photography and wanted to get the magical hour, you can remain overnight along the Island. There are plenty of Pension Houses and Inns available. Simply bring along with you one local to be your scout.

Click here for more reasons to visit the Biri Rock Formation.


Visitors can spend the day relishing the site and taking a dip in the cool crisp blue water.


Biri was originally an island barangay under the jurisdiction of Bobon, municipality  In Northern Samar until its conversion into a new municipality on June 21, 1969. Biri  became the 21st municipality of Northern Samar.The island used to be Tingiao, as referred to in the navigational maps of the Spanish Galleons and was the entry point to Luzon and Visayas.

As a navigational landmark, the name  “Biri ” was derived from the Spanish word to”barrer”, meaning to sweep. Every time the Spanish captain of the Galleon would sight the San Bernardino Isle and Biri of Tingiao, the captain would order his men “barrer” or clean the galleon deck in preparation of their berthing to the Capul Island for their trip to Manila.  On some occasions, the Spanish Galleon would anchor at  Biri Bay before proceeding their navigation to Manila.While in the Island, inhabitants would hear the Spaniards naming the Island “verey”.From then on, the word “verey” was popularly known as  Biri.




  • Bottled water, no sari-sari store on the island.
  • Use appropriate footwear. The stone can hurt your feet.
  • Food. The tour guide can help you carry your stuff, just give a little extra afterward.
  • Sunblock.
  • If you are into scuba or snorkeling, don’t forget to bring your own gear. There’s no  shop renting out these gadgets.
  • Camera with an extra battery. Don’t  forget to bring zip plastic for your cell phones and camera.


By air. Catarman Airport is the main gateway to the province coming from Manila.

By land. Buses from Manila going to the Visayas and Mindanao pass through its roll-on/roll-off port of Allen on the western side, which is about 45 minutes from Catarman. Some of the buses roll on to their destinations in the Visayas and Mindanao and the rest roll to their destinations in the eastern coastal towns of Northern Samar passing through Catarman. Buses and vans connect the capital town of Catarman to the cities of Calbayog, Catbalogan, and Tacloban.

From the Catarman, you can take a jeepney  for more than an hour to Lavezares for PhP 40.00-50.00. From Lavezares, you can rent  a boat for approx PhP1,000-1,500.00 depending on the size of the boat.  The boat can be rented from 1,000-1,500 depending on its size. The boat will stand by for the whole day.

A local tour guide is also available to assist you in all your needs. The tour guide can also serve as  your porter their rates starts from 300-500 pesos depending on your number, but this is already for the whole day.  From Lavezares, the boat will dock in San Fernando and you will still travel for approx 2 kilometers via motorbike or habal-habal.  The bike can accommodate 3 passengers but they normally get only 2 passengers per bike.

Maupay ng Pagbiyahe sa Biri (have a Happy Trip to Biri) !

























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  1. by the way, there are plenty of sari sari stores on Biri selling bottled water, batteries etc,
    akso there is a dive centre where you can hire all scuba gear..

  2. Wow! pwede na ma frame kag butang sa house sir? Indeed, so many wonderful places are just waiting to be discovered in the Philippines.. #morefuninthePhilippines #happytrippin

  3. These are truly amazing rock formations! Nice photos!

  4. It must be a nice experience, I can feel the breeze from the sea on one of your photos. You are lucky to experience those natural wonders.

  5. Wow. This makes me want to visit this place. Perfect work of God. Thank you for sharing

  6. I have never been to this rock formation place. I would love to do my summer OOTD if given a chance to visit this place.

  7. The first time I heard about this rock formation was through Drew Arellano’s TV show and it have already captured my attention. It is indeed a wonderful place to visit and just breathe the fresh ocean breeze.

  8. The rock formation are just amazing. This is a really nice place to appreciate nature’s raw beauty.

  9. these are amazing scenery, god really done a perfect creation, i wish i could get here someday!

  10. Hi,thanks for posting something on the Biri Rock Formations. I am a blogger from Northern Samar and it makes me happy to see people going to Biri and writing about their experience.

    I would like to add, though, that there are two inns in Biri that offer paluto, meaning, guests can buy fresh fish and ingredients from the market and the inn personnel will cook them for a small amount.

    Also, I think it is not hard for a solo female traveler to venture to Biri. I have had invited fellow female solo travelers to Biri and they had a great time 😉

    • Thank you Nortehanon. I hope I can come back again.its just quite far from Negros to go there again.But Biri is one of my favorite place in the country. I will integrate your added info. 🙂

  11. The Biri Rock Formation is super nice! I would love to visit the place soon 🙂

  12. Nakadto na kamo diri?——-The Island became very popular when one of the scenes of the romantic movie entitled “Iisa Pa Lamang” starred by Richard Gomez, Dawn Zulueta and Maricel Laxa. If you have seen the 2003 Spirit Warriors Movie by Chito S. Roño with stars Vhong Navarro, Jhong Hilario and Danilo Barrios , the movie was also taken mostly in the Island.

  13. Hi Jessa , this is a must see place, pag puli mo 🙂

  14. Filipina S. Mendoza

    See you soon Biri rocks. i already have seen you in my dreams….

  15. hi
    can you help me please,im looking for a map of San Antonio Biri Northern Samar
    i can get mail there but can not find on map. i have mixed reports,its near San Jose
    only 45mins by boat.then i get its near San Pedro which i can not find either. now im
    told it change name to Tingiao Island which i fine is Biri old name
    can you help

    • Hi Steven Lalidis, the moment you arrived at Northern it would be easy for you to go to Biri. People will surely give you directions 🙂

  16. Wow! this is nice!.. kaso parang mahirap sa mga solo traveler.
    What is NWTF? foundation ba ito? :p

    • Hi beth, yes medyo mahirap if solo ka, but there are local tourist guide naman, kaso lang ,mostly males ang guide…:) but if you can tag along a friend this is a kust see place…

  17. Yes ganda talaga ng BIRI… its my second tym around…
    gaya ni sir jojo nakapunta kami dun dahil sa NWTF….

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