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Monte Cueva, Maasin, Leyte




Monte Cueva Shrine

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This summer, I’m sure that many would love to see new places in the Philippines. Heres one place I’m sure you will love to see.The Monte Cueva in Maasin, Leyte.

City is the provincial capital and a 4th class city in the province of Southern Leyte, Philippines. It is the capital city of Southern Leyte.

One of the must see place in Maasin   is located  Up in the hills at Brgy Rizal ,2km from Maasin City,the Monte Cueva Shrine. The Conte Cueva is a small cave which was developed by its original owners into a shrine with a quaint chapel inside .

The challenging steps toward the shrine…

The shrine is located at an elevation of 172 meters above sea level overlooking Maasin City. A donation by the philanthropists Odong and Loring Chung to the Diocese of Maasin .

The shrine is  not for those who are afraid of heights nor for those with weak knees because before you reached the Monte Cueva you must conquer first the laborious climb up the hill via a zigzagging concrete stairway consisting of more than 550 concrete stairways. I took a couple of rest on my way up. The climb was even more difficult and steeper  as I approached the last 20 steps.

But I was awed upon seeing the entrance of the shrine. I couldn’t  believe seeing a church inside the cave. The natural characteristics of the cave was maintained, in fact in some parts of the chapel were some waters dripping from the ceiling and is being collected in several vessels. Its walls are made of limestones and the floorings are tiled. Right on top of the altar is an opening of the cave creating  an amazing  effect  to the chapel.

The open space where mass are being held when there are big events

As we explore the place, I couldn’t imagine how the entire shrine was constructed, carrying by hand  each bags of cement, each hollow blocks, timbers, roofing materials,etc.

We happened to photographed  2 carpenters carrying a bag of cement on their way up to the hill.

waters are dripping from the top of the cave…

Over the years, the Monte Cueva   has become a site for Catholic  pilgrims and devotees and has become one of Maasin’s popular tourist destinations.

How to get there:

From city proper of Maasin, just take a ride of trike and told to the driver that you’ll going to Monte Cueva. and that’s it. laborious climb up the hill via a zigzagging concrete stairway consisting of more than 400 steps (172 meters above sea level)


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  1. I keep dreaming, I will be there with my future wife next year.

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