“Yuhum” A Mask Collection By Jojo Vito

Mask Collection

“Yuhum” A Mask Collection By Jojo Vito

“YUHUM” is a mask collection exhibit by Jojo Vito set on display starting tomorrow October 10, 2012, located at the 2nd level, South Arcade, Robinsons Place Bacolod. The exhibit features a variety of mask designs from Giant Masks, Full Mask, Half Mask, table tops and small pieces like magnets and key chains. The exhibit will run until October 22, 2012. Everyone is invited to come and see the Original Mask of Bacolod and have your pictures taken. If you decide to buy, all items are for sale .


Jojo Vito Designs Gallery has established its name in the tourism and mask making industry. People visiting Bacolod City would opt to visit the gallery which is now located at #119 Kapitana Dikang – Alunan Avenue Sts, Bacolod City.

The gallery has expanded its services not only selling a wide array of mask-related souvenir items . Jojo Vito Designs  Gallery is also now into furniture and furnishing, luminaries, custom-made trophies and corporate giveaways and even home styling services.

When visiting the gallery one can see artisans doing masks . Any guest can also indulge in painting their own mask.

The Masks of Jojo Vito has gone a long way. from the simple paper mache pieces into timeless and elegant  fiberglass masks. These beautiful art pieces had reached various countries around the world. Apart from Bacolod City LGU which made the gallery as their supplier for the city giveaways, the gallery is also favored by many companies in Negros Island for their corporate giveaways and custom-made trophies and plaques.  They also receive  various awards in design excellence.

Indeed Jojo Vito Designs Gallery is the brand which many tourists would look for in buying Bacolod Masks. Apart from their own shop, these masks are available at the Negros Showroom both in Lacson and Robinsons Branches.

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