Just like in most provinces who celebrate a festival every January in honor of the Sto Nino, the Cadiz City also has its own version of this Festival which began in the year 1972.

Dubbed as Dinagsa Festival, was  the brainchild of some of the members of the Samaria House Council of Cadiz City, a lay religious organization of the Catholic Church.”Dinagsa” was coined after an event in the past where several whales were drifted on the shores of the said city; the word “dagsa” means driftage. This is also why Cadiz city is tagged “The City of Whales”.

“Dinagsa” was a result of the reaction of the church council to the usual habit of the locals that instead of offering homage to their Patron Saint they would rather engage in gambling/ cockfighting. The founding fathers of Cadiz Ati-Atihan thought of a way by which the feast of their Patron may be truly celebrated by acts of gratitude and praises, rather than by cockfights. These founding fathers, led by Msgr. Vicente Salgado, the then Parish Priest of the Sto. Niño Parish made history. It was then that the Cadiz City Ati-Atihan Festival came into being.

One of the unique features of this festival is the “Lamhitanay sa Dalan” , wherein everyone in merrymaking doesn’t mind being smudged with latex paint on their face. This is in contrast with The Sinulog in Kabankalan where people used charcoal to stain the faces of everyone attending the festival.

Just a reminder though, wear anything you won’t mind being ruined or stained by the paint.

Things to do When Visiting Cadiz City

Relax at Lakawon Island

One of the most popular destinations in Cadiz City is the Lakawon Island. A visit to this island will surely add more fun to your trip. For more information about Lakawon Island, click on the link below:

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Explore Sagay City

Sagay City is just a drive away from Cadiz City. This place offers much attraction which you will surely enjoy.

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Side Trip to Bantayan Island

When in Cadiz City, it would be easy for you to cross the sea and visit Bantayan Island.

Cadiz City has a seaport with boats traveling to Bantayan Island at a very affordable price. For more information about this trip, click on the articles below:

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Visit Bacolod City

Bacolod City is just an hour away from Cadiz. So why not go and visit the city of smiles. Listed below are travel guides to help you in preparing for your itinerary:

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How to get to Cadiz City

A one hour drive from Bacolod City, Cadiz can be reached by private car and an hour & fifteen minutes ride by a passenger bus. The Vallacar Transit (Ceres), a big bus company has a terminal in the city. Buses plying San Carlos, Dumaguete, and the nearby municipalities make a short stopover in the city. Other modes of transportation available are PUJs and van for hires. Cadiz City is also accessible to Cebu via the cities of San Carlos and Escalante. Passenger bus for Cebu also passed by at the bus terminal on scheduled trips.

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