Quan's Puto Lanson


The sight Puto Lanson or Puto Taktak would always bring back beautiful childhood memories in my mind. For those who don’t know Puto Lanson or Puto Taktak, it is a traditional Filipino delicacy which is made from grated cassava that has been thoroughly dried, mixed with sugar, young coconut and steamed. A long time ago

A long time ago in the farm where I grew up, some folks would make Puto Lanson or Puto Taktak and sell afterward. The way they prepared this delicacy was even quite interesting compared to how it is being prepared today. At that time, I saw our neighbor using an improvised steamer, an earthen pot  with water inside covered with banana leaf and has the hole at the center of the banana leaf wherein the steam would come out. The mold wherein the desiccated cassava was  placed was  simply made of recycled  tin can  (usually recycled  from an empty condensed milk tin can) . The bottom of the tin can  usually have nail holes   so that the steam can pass through.  After few minutes of steaming,   the cassava turned  a bit darker and a bit translucent – meaning that the puto taktak was  ready. They  would then  release the content of can in the plate, hence the name “Taktak”.  They would then brushed it with margarine.

Quan's Puto Lanson
Today, Puto Lanson  or Puto Taktak  is still very much alive. At Quan Delicacies Puto Lanson is served in two variants: the original or the usual Puto Taktak and one with Ube flavor. These variants are served in squares as they were cooked in a baking pan. I love  eating Puto Lanson along with sodas or with hot coffee or chocolate  as a merienda in the afternoon. You can order this delicacy at any Quan outlets.

*MC Metroplex, Northdrive – telephone number (034)4339987 or 7090677
*La Salle Avenue – telephone number (034)4346379 or 7085055
*Gaisano Araneta – telephone number (034) 7078440
*Lopues East – telephone number (034) 7089095
*Robinsons Supermarket – telephone number (034)4761518
*Metro Ayala Talisay – telephone number (034) 7023466
*SM Food Court – telephone number (034) 2138678
*Phoenix Gas Station Locsin/San Sebastian St – (034) 7042132

1797 Dian St. Palanan, Makati
telephone number (02)8335843

Quan's Puto Lanson

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