Inday-Inday  is   served with  grated coconut, and topped with muscovado and  toasted sesame seeds


Summer is a time for  many things…. beaches, adventures, places, discovery,travel, food and much more.

In Negros, we have a wide array of native delicacies to try and rediscover especially this season.  Today I visited Quan, a store known for their  quality native delicacies.   I just have Arroz Caldo with egg for lunch. But since I am a dessert person, I normally look for anything that is sweet for each meal. This time I tried the Palitaw but here in Bacolod  it is popularly known as “Inday-Inday”.

For those who are not familiar with it,Palitaw or Inday-Inday comes from the tagalog word  litaw which means “float” or “rise”. This delicacy  is a small, flat, sweet rice cake eaten in the Philippines. They are made from malagkit (sticky rice) washed, soaked, and then ground. After excess water is let out from the grinding process scoops of the batter are rolled and the flattened to disk shapes and dropped into boiling water where they float to the surface as flat discs – an indication that they’re done, hence the word Palitaw.

At Quan, Palitaw or Inday-Inday  is   served with  grated coconut, and topped with muscovado and  toasted sesame seeds.  Palitaw is only sold at Php 6.50/pc.  For merienda , try Palitaw with brewed coffee or  with an ice cold drink.

Visit Quan in any of their outlets to try their wide array of native delicacies. Quan has branches in Robinsons (Supermarket Area), Lopue’s Araneta, Lopues -San Sebastian, Lopue’s East,Gaisano City, La Salle,and Northdrive.


Palitaw or Inday-Inday comes from the tagalog word  litaw which means “float” or “rise”.

*MC Metroplex, Northdrive – telephone number (034)4339987 or 7090677
*La Salle Avenue – telephone number (034)4346379 or 7085055
*Lopues Araneta – telephone number (034)4356559
*Gaisano Araneta – telephone number (034) 7078440
*Lopues East – telephone number (034) 7089095
*Robinsons Supermarket – telephone number (034)4761518
*Metro Ayala Talisay – telephone number (034) 7023466

1797 Dian St. Palanan, Makati
telephone number (02)8335843

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  1. I love native foods and it's amzing how they still make this and sell t to filipinos

  2. At my place, we call it palutang. Lutang and Litaw is kinda same word. The way it was cooked and the ingredients that was used was the same though. Masarap kahit ano pang tawag! 🙂

  3. I love palitaw since it’s really delicious with coconut and sugar. I just love it for dessert or merienda.

  4. Yes, that is correct. Negros is rich with native delicacies. My favorite is suman. By the way, Inday Inday or Palitaw is the same with "Puto Maya" in which I also love eating?

  5. Rochkirstin Santos

    I'm also a dessert person. We love the taste of palitaw especially with the grated coconut that's fresh. This Filipino delicacy is one that we don't get tired of eating.

  6. O am not into this palitaw thing kasi medyo takot ako sa sugar. But my wife goes gaga with it.

  7. palitaw is my favorite merienda and even now i am salivating to have a taste of this… yum .. truly pinoy

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