Palawan Trip and Budget, El Nido

Shimizu Lagoon, El Nido (Part of Tour A Destination)


Visiting Palawan, Philippines  has been on my travel bucket list many years ago. But since the place is quite far from where I am (Bacolod City, Negros Occidental), I waited for some business opportunities like training engagements so that I can save at least for my fare. Unfortunately, as of this writing, I didn’t have any business opportunities yet in that Island, including training invitations.

So last September 2014, when I opened my email, I received this notice from Cebu Pacific Airlines  for a peso fare to and from Palawan via Iloilo International Airport. Much that I desired to invite some friends to be with me for the trip no one replied to my Facebook shout out for a Palawan Adventure. So, I just booked myself for my much-awaited trip ,after all,I thought I have some friends working there to accompany me.

Palawan Trip and Budget, El Nido

Talisay Beach where we ate our lunch in the Tour C

After booking, I made  a pile of research on where to stay, to eat, and so on. I scanned  a bunch of blogs about El Nido’s hotel and restaurant reviews.

Despite my research,  nevertheless, I hit some incorrect conclusions, maybe because I read the wrong blogs. Considerably, I don’t really expect for a perfect trip.

So with my recent experience, I hope that through my blog, I will be able to help future travelers to Palawan so that they will have an updated guide.

Here’re my Itinerary and budget for this trip. I did not include my budget for food because I am quite an eater and I incline to eat a great deal. And so you can just keep your budget depending on what you are willing to spend. But mind you, food at El Nido is quite a pricey. So better be ready with cash if you love to eat like me.Remember there’s no ATM Machine at El Nido.

Palawan Trip and Budget, El Nido

The opening of the Big Lagoon, part of Tour A destination



  •  Plane fare Round Trip Cebu Pacific (Peso Fare Promo) – PHP 1,421.04

 DAY 1 –Travel and Overnight to Iloilo from Bacolod City

  •  Ocean Jet Round Trip Fare (Bacolod-Iloilo Promo) –PHP 395
  • Taxi from Iloilo Port to Highway 21 Hotel –PHP 80
  • Overnight Stay at Highway 21 Hotel – PHP 900 ( there is still much cheaper place to stay in Iloilo, but I just cannot vouch on the cleanliness of these places)

Palawan Trip and Budget, El Nido

At the Art Cafe Entrance


  •  Taxi From Iloilo City to the Airport – PHP 400 (if you want to save at least 50% on transportation   you can take a taxi going to SM City and take a shuttle bus going to the airport )
  • Breakfast at the Airport
  • Cebu Pacific Left Iloilo at 8:45 am and we arrived in Palawan at around 9:45 am
  •  Upon Arrival, at Puerto Princesa  Airport I  took the tricycle to our Tour Agent –PHP 30
  •  Lunch
  •  Left Puerto a little past 12nn via Van – PHP 700 (the fare from Puerto Princesa Terminal to El Nido is the only 500/pax. So if you want to save on fare, just go to the terminal via Tricycle for around PhP 50 and take the van from there)
  • Arrived El Nido at around 5 pm; Check in at Gemini Traveler’s Lodge – PHP 900/day (air conditioned room with private bathroom)
  • Dinner at Jane Resto, Bar,   Dessert at Art Café, then rest for the next day

Palawan Trip and Budget, El Nido

Palawan trip and Budget:  The crowd at Jane’s Resto Bar


Breakfast at “WATER HOLE”

  • El Nido Offers 4 Tour Packages for Island Hopping, offering different sets of destinations. Each tour package lasts for a day.All tours fee is inclusive of a  buffet lunch. Since I, intend to stay in El Nido for only two days, I just paid for 2 Tour Packages, Tour A, and C which are both popular among the tours that they offer.
  •  Tour A – PHP 1,200/pax
  •  Dinner at Rasta Poca (Poca Bar)

Palawan trip and Budget, El Nido

Palawan Trip and Budget: At the opening of the Small Lagoon (Part of Tour A Destinations)


  •  Breakfast –  I forgot the name of the Restaurant, but in their place there is a big sign “WATERHOLE” which I thought, at first, was the name of the bar, but they have a different name in their menu. They are the only restaurant opened 24 hours a day right in front of the beach – and I want to eat  and sip coffee right in front of the beach
  • Tour C – PHP 1, 400 /pax
  •  Tour C ended until 5 PM, so after taking a bath, we rushed to the terminal to catch the 5:45 PM trip back to Puerto Princesa
  •  Lexus Van to Puerto Princesa – PHP 500/pax
  • Arrived  in Puerto Princesa and check in at Go Hotel   which I already booked way ahead.
  • Go Hotel –  PHP 1,289.00 for  2 nights stay ( i booked way ahead through the net)

Palawan trip and Budget, El Nido

 Palawan Trip and Budget:  at the “Waterhole” where I love to have my breakfast every morning. Don’t be fooled by the looks of the place , their food are priced just like  a regular hotel


Ka Inato, Palawan trip and Budget

Palawan Trip and Budget:  the writer  with a deaf-mute staff of Ka Inato Resturant. In her sleeve is a print which says: “DEAF, Proudly Working”. In my succeding episodes of this Palawan Trip, I will be telling you what happened to her when she spilled a soup to one of the customers while serving”


  • From the airport, we took a metered taxi to the Iloilo Sea Port. We decided to just “drive through” at Mc Donalds for our lunch.
  •  Metered Taxi (Airport to Iloilo Sea Port) – around PHP 300.


Palawan Trip and Budget: Wood Crafts at LRC 908 Market Mall. This is where I got huge wooden masks I took as souvenirs

Please mark this page so you will the details and my reviews of these various destinations at Puerto Princesa.









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  1. I’ve been saving for my first Coron, Palawan trip this May. This is a sort of treat for myself for my birthday. I’m happy I found a good tour package from 09184659010. My officemate suggested to book a tour package instead of planning on my own. What’s good about Ultimate Coron Experience is the fact that they offer reasonable prices for a complete tour.

  2. we actually just went to Coron and El Nido. OMG it is the most beautiful place on earth. am looking forward to come visit again end of this year. Nice blog by the way!

    check out these videos

  3. Very nice post! This is very helpful. i am fan of DIY trips. I actually tried the same challenge.
    Sharing as well to friends. ..The expenses, best tips to bring and how we will definitely enjoy Palawan!

  4. thanx for sharing ur experience in el nido….
    by the way i am from bacolod also…
    from silay airport wala ba direct flyt going to palawan???
    and pag nasa el-nido na pwedi din bang mag pa buk nang package tour dun???

  5. I am proud to be Palawano..daghang salamat po sa pag nais nyong mamasyal sa aming lugar..very relaxing and peaceful po dito..salamat,,salamat..

  6. Hi! How did you book your tours?

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  8. Thanks for the tip Sir Jo. This will truly help in my 2016 trip.

  9. I really want to go here someday. This is such a great place to unwind and to seek adventure

  10. Thanks for sharing this very helpful Palawan trip info. Now, alam ko na kung magkano dapat ang budget.

  11. was planning on going to palawan soon! will look this up when that time comes! thanks for sharing!

  12. Very helpful post. Thank you for sharing! Perfect timing since we are planning to visit Palawan this year.


  14. There’s so much to appreciate in Palawan from the underground river to the different islands and limestone formation.

  15. The places you went to looks exciting. I wish to go there with my whole family once the opportunity presents itself.

  16. This is one of my dream place for vacation. Looks like you enjoyed your trip here.

  17. You travelled alone but I think you enjoyed exploring the island. Never visited Palawa before, only in my dreams.

  18. Been fortunate to visit Puerto Princesa some years back and I enjoyed it a lot. Would love to visit Coron and El Nido. Palawan is a beautiful place.

  19. This post made me remember how happy we were when we went to PP, Palawan back in 2012. I wish we could go back there in the future.

  20. Thanks for giving me some info about the expenses and the budget. It will help me plan our vacation soon. Thanks!

  21. Going to Palawan is also on my bucket list, though I’m too busy at the moment to go. Thanks for sharing your itinerary, plus budget. It will really help in the future.

  22. Unable to take picture of underground river of Palawan? I have been hearing about Palawan tourist destinations. I have already gone to some places in the PH and Palawan could be visited soon if God willing.

  23. Thanks so much with your post, this help me with my planning. The details is very important especially the cost so that travelers can make a budget ahead of time.

  24. Thank you for sharing the details of your trip and the cost of the accommodation and tours. These info will help a lot of travelers when they start planning their trip. I've been blessed to visit both several times through work but would love to return to El Nido again and bring my family.
    – Karen

  25. Palawan is one of the places I want to visit. Hopefully, we could find time and the budget as well.

  26. Wow! You were able to visit Puerto Princesa and El Nido in one trip. I’ve been to Puerto Princesa and Coron and haven’t seen El Nido yet.

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  29. JojoVito's TopOn MyList

    Hi Jay, yes the place is truly amazing :0

  30. The photos you took of Palawan are really beautiful! I'm actually hoping to go there this year, taste the food, and maybe go diving. This just made me more excited!

  31. We are also thinking of traveling to Palawan this year with my family. Thanks for your detailed itinerary. This will be a good help for us since we don’t know anything there.

  32. The very exciting trip to Palawan with lots of itineraries in exploring the some places. Of course, you enjoyed a lot with her.

  33. Wow. I have been wanting to travel, however, financing the college education of my two sons have made travelling take the back seat for now. I would love to go to Palawan and Batanes. Thanks for giving me an idea of the expenses.

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