I was invited to be one of the judges in the street dance and drama competition of 16th Minuluan Festival  of Talisay City, Negros Occidental.

The Minuluan Street Dancing and Dance Drama Competition are a celebration of the courage of the  former  inhabitants of Talisay, whose former name was Minulu-an.

minuluan festival 2

Holding out the early Visayan Costume, eight tribes competed in this year’s festival. It’s quite interesting to find out, the tribe costumes  which  vary from the clothing used by the early Visayan settlers living in the Visayan island. These costumes include clothing used by the pagans, tribes or ethnic groups to the costumes or clothing used by Christian settlers with Malay influence. It is nice to find out some integration of indigenous materials integrated in the costume of the dancers such as raffia, bamboos, banana leaves and etc.

minuluan festival 5

Each participating tribe has a lower limit of 50  and maximum of 60 dancers. Their dances revolved around the evolution of Talisay City from the native inhabitants of the mainland which were Negritos to the time where Malay had penetrated the position up to the Spanish time where Christianity were introduced into the home.  The legendary Minuluan  fight sequence featuring the hero of the place Kapitan Sabi  and the Minuluanons versus the Moro raiders were also given emphasis in the street and dance drama.



minuluan festival 3

Another interesting part of the festival is the rhythmic component wherein participating tribes dance from the auditory sensations of their own drum beaters. The drum-beaters also dressed similar to the costume of their tribes used drums, bamboo chimes and other tribal percussion instruments.

minuluan festival 7

Dancers in the street and dance drama  were judge according to this criteria: Choreography 25%, Discipline 10%, Production Design 20%, Dynamics 10%, Precision 10%, Performance 25%

minuluan festival 12

Dancers were also judge in their Arena Dance Drama performances as follows: Choreography 40%  which  include interpretation of the basic Minulu-an Dance Steps, dynamics, interpretation of storyline, portrayal of required scenes and incorporation of the basic Minuluan dance Steps.); Performance 30% which  includes mastery of steps and execution and showmanship; Production Design 20% which includes drumbeaters and dancers, props and concepts and; Interpretation of the Storyline according to the scenes 10%.

minuluan festival 4


The festival for me is not only a celebration of the historical event in the City of Talisay. For me, it was an opportunity for many local talents such as young choreographers and dancers to showcase and raise their skills.

minuluan festival 9

Kudos  to the City Officials headed by Mayor Eric Saratan and  my thanks to  Ms. Renea Ferrer, City Tourism Officer for inviting me.

minulu-an festival trophy by jojo vito

I was privileged to be given the chance to design and execute the trophies for 16th Minuluan Festival. For your trophy needs, visit www.jojovito.com

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  1. It’s my first time to know about Minuluan festival, looks very colorful, it reminds me of our Kadayawan festival here in Davao.

  2. Wow! so colorful naman ang costumes ng participants. honestly, now ko lang na-heard ang festival na ito.

  3. Those costumes are verycolorful and beautiful. I have never seen any festival like this.

  4. I have never been into the place while I was there yet I’ve heard so many good things about the area. Nice to see and learn about their festival and how colorful and fun it is there too.

  5. You’re very lucky that you get to attend all thee festivals. Talisay looks really good and lively!

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